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Tips To Transform Your Old House Into a Playhouse Chicken Coop

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The old house which is not used by your kids anymore can be converted into a Playhouse Chicken Coop. It is one of the best ways to use your old playhouse effectively.

You can easily convert your old playhouse into a chicken coop on a small budget. Are you planning to convert your old playhouse in the yard into a chicken coop?

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Read the following points and implement them to construct a chicken coop at a very low budget:

Making Playhouse Chicken Coop: Start From the Ground

First of all, you have to bring everything outside from the chicken coop. After that, you should properly and thoroughly clean the floor.

The chicken will start eating anything lying on the floor. If they eat nails or anything hazardous, then they will die.

Therefore, you should start the process with floor cleaning. It is equally important to check the region outside the building and make sure that there are no hazardous or harmful elements.

It is important to build a solid floor inside the chicken coop so that the predators cannot enter the chicken coop from underneath.

You can make the solid flooring of the chicken coop by using wooden pallets. Cover these wooden pallets with plywood and add a final layer of vinyl flooring to ensure quick clean-up.

Small Chicken Door for Chicken Coop Playhouse

You should add two different doors to your Chicken Coop Playhouse. One door should be according to the human size and the other door should be according to the size of the chicken.

The chicken door can be simple like one hole cutting through the wall. Usually, the small chicken door measures 12” x 12”. After cutting the hole on one of the walls of the chicken coop, you should keep that cut-out piece.

You can utilize this cut-out piece as a door for this small chicken door opening. You just need to fix hinges on one side and precisely fix them in a small opening.

You have to install this small chicken door just like normal doors. It is important to install a predator-proof latch on the chicken door to ensure that it is safe.

Nesting Boxes

After installing the small chicken door, you should make sure that there is a specific place inside the chicken where they can lay eggs.

You should install nesting boxes in the Playhouse Chicken Coop. It should be approximately 12”x 12” and embedded with soft bedding like pine shaving, nesting pad, and straw.

You can install these boxes at ground level or a little bit higher to make the egg collection process easier for you. 

If you are good at DIY, then you can easily construct a wide range of wooden boxes and fix them on the wall. Otherwise, you can use the plastic buckets, wooden crats, kitty litter boxes as the nesting boxes inside your shed. You should also add some fake edges in these boxes to attract the chickens.

Roosting Bars

After that, you have to construct roosts for the chickens inside the Playhouse Chicken Coop. These roosts will let your chickens sleep well.

Naturally, chickens look for the highest ground location where they can sleep comfortably. If you do not want your chickens to sleep in the nesting boxes, then you should construct roosts.

It is important to make sure that the top roosting bars are higher than the nesting boxes. You should construct the roosts in the ladder format so that chickens hop from one roost to another.

The ladder form of roosts lets the chicken easily go up and come down.

It is recommended that you should construct at least eight inches roosting bar for each hen inside the hen coop.

One of the best ways to construct the roosting bars is to cut out 2*4 boards. You should angle the roosting bats in such a way that more chicken can easily fit.  


If your old playhouse does not have windows, then you should consider installing chicken coop windows. Your chickens will not be able to breathe fresh air inside the Playhouse Chicken Coop without a window. Therefore, you should simply cut an opening in the chicken coop wall. You should make sure that this window opening is higher than the top level of the roosting bar.

You should install the welded wire in this window to make sure predators cannot enter from this window. You should keep this window open during the entire summer season so that fresh air can enter the hen coop. Also, you can keep this window closed during winter.


Along with windows, you should also consider the installation of vents in the Playhouse Chicken Coop. Good cross ventilation will ensure the circulation of fresh air inside the Playhouse Chicken Coop. You should install vents under the hen coop eaves to ensure maximum effectiveness. 

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