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What are the Services of a Security Guard?

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TruGuard Security is a professional as well as one of the best armed security guards companies located in California since 2010. To protect people, assets, and commodities throughout California, we provide expert security services. Training programs, thorough background investigation, past criminal checks, biometric checks, and, most significantly, a strong urge to deliver top-notch customer service are all requirements for our security specialists.

TruGuard aims for excellence in all services they provide. Thus, they’ve made sure that all security guard and professionals are aware of their responsibilities as well.

Here are some notable services provided by our security guards:

1)            Professional Armed Security Services

Armed security guards are provided by TruGuard Security in California who have successfully completed state-mandated training programs as well as other mandatory training programs imposed by our business. These security officers are aware that preventing crime is their main objective and that protecting the rights of our clients requires them to exercise extreme vigilance.

Some of the most experienced armed security guards of our team have much more than ten years of relevant experience. Your business can benefit from having our armed security guard service as a reliable, cost-efficient deterrent against crime. To satisfy the needs of our clients, the security staff is carefully selected.

2)            Efficient Unarmed Security Guards Services

In many establishments, unarmed security guards are a potent weapon against burglary and damage. We assess the seriousness of your concerns after discussing with you, and we help you put together a security detail that is tailored to your individual requirements.

At TruGuard, unarmed security guards are trained to the same high standards as armed security guards. We carry out a rigorous background investigation and a complete onboarding procedure. Before starting their shift, our guards undergo special training that is tailored to your land, building, or event location.

3)            Services for immediate mobile patrols

Modern enterprises must deal with a widening range of protection and stability issues. It can be frightful to get a call at 3 in the morning telling you when your alarm was set off on a chilly, snowy night. As a result, we offer you excellent mobile patrol service that is accessible day and night.

You can always rely on TruGuard Security to provide you with remarkable armed security guard services that they’re known for. However, that’s not it. TruGuard security guards provide excellent mobile security as well as provide patrolling solutions for a variety of problems, such as Surveillance cameras and alarm confirmation, security systems, safety, and the reduction of robbery, damage, and other crimes.

4)            Services for Premium Fire Watch

To safeguard your assets from fire and the safety of your personnel, TruGuard Security offers specialized fire watch services. Our fire watch guards are knowledgeable about risk scenarios and fire watch protocols and are prepared to be deployed at a minute’s notice. They’ll walk around your home and look out for any potential fires. When a fire breaks out, our guards alert us immediately so we can take action to put it out or lessen the damage it causes.

Whether you seek unarmed or armed security guards, or simply a person to watch over your house or business, TruGuard is committed to providing the best security mechanisms. We offer a free assessment as well as competitive rates and are certified, licensed, and guaranteed. Contact us now if you want to hire armed security guard!



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