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Tips from the Specialist Tailors to Ensure Your Suit Stays in Top Shape

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A suit is a worthwhile purchase. And you know in your heart that a good suit does not come cheap. And when it is not, being mindful of how you care for it makes sense.

Just like you, your suit demands that much-needed attention too. And you would not mind giving that due care to make it last for a lifetime. This gets even better – because it is good for the planet and your wallet too.

We jotted down some useful suit maintenance tips Bespoke Suits London professionals swear by. So, the next time you put your suit on to attend that meeting at work, or a wedding, get ready to make some heads turn. Let them stare at your neat and fit suit.

The Secret Lies in the Right Size

Would not you go the extra mile to extend the life of your suit? Well, it takes nothing more than choosing the right size to ensure your suit does not wear out after a few rounds of wear. To make a suit hold up to the forces of everyday life, the ‘right size’ rule is to keep the fabric and seams from added stress. You do not want to purchase a tight suit because it is going to put that additional stress on the fabric. This, in turn, will cause damage over the course of time.

A Habit of Suiting Up in Rotation Goes a Long Way

No matter how much your suit probably costs, it is prone to wear and tear. According to experts, clothing fibres begin to stiffen over a long period of time. The older they get, the more likely it is that they split.

And you do not want all these to happen to your suits. And rotating your suits seems the only choice left. While the upfront cost of a set of suits might not suit your pocket, it will save you money in the long run.

Your Suit Deserves Some Good Brushing

Every time you put on a suit it comes in contact with dust, lint, hair, food particles and whatnot. If you do not take extra care to remove that dirt after every use, they will start to accumulate, damaging the fabric’s natural fibres and luster over time.

That is where a good suit brush comes to your aid. Quality brushes use soft fibres to help remove every particle left on the suit. While brushing helps, you need to know one or two things about how to brush your suit properly.

  • Make sure you hang it in the suit bag keeping the zip open
  • Try to brush downwards
  • You may also use a lint roller
  • Brush before and after every use

What about Spot Cleaning Instead of Dry Cleaning?

Your suit is made out of wool, a natural fibre. And you may already know that a natural fibre does not demand much care. At the most, it will ask for some quick brushing and an airing after every wear.

However, life is not always fair. And things happen to suits. What about those unexpected times when you spill some wine on your costly suit? A simple spot clean would do to remove that stain.

  • Gently rub the concerned area with a damp towel
  • You may use those chemical free baby wipes

Because if you dry clean your suit after every use, it ends up damaging the fibres, making them more brittle over time. Consider dry cleaning your suit every six months and be careful with how you carry yourself in a suit.

Your Suit Needs Enough Rest

Do you wear your suit too often? If it sounds like, there is some bad news for you. You are not giving enough time for your suit to rest and recover. And that is damaging your suit’s fabric. Suit specialists suggest wearing a suit no more than twice a week. You might want to rotate it other suits.

“Why should I even care about that?” you may ask yourself. Well, you should – because it affords your suit the opportunity to restore its shape.

Be Wary of Wire Hangers

You may not realize but wire hangers do damage your clothes. They are prone to sag over time because of the weight being out on them. This creates folds in your suit, which is the last thing you want on Earth.

What is good for your suit is wooden hangers. They have these gentle slopes that are good for your suit to rest on. Make sure you hang it up every time you put it off.

Are You Traveling with a Suit?

Who does not love traveling with a light, breathable garment bag? We bet you too. So, the next time you are traveling, make sure to use these bags. After all, you want your suit to look crisp.

No matter how much you be careful about how you carry your suit, you might find that nasty wrinkles on your suit after your travels. In case you cannot get your hands on a suit steamer, we have a tip for you.

Consider hanging your suit up in the restroom while you are taking a hot shower. By doing that you ensure that the steam coming from the shower helps unwrinkled the fabric.

Wrapping It Up

A lot goes into taking care of your expensive suit. While you cannot prevent those mishaps, you can still do a lot to take care of your suit.

Your suit is a delicate thing and needs your care like a pet. If you put effort in taking care of it now, it will thank you later. How? By giving you the luxury of wearing it a lot many workdays and celebrations to come.

This guide might have been useful to you. Maybe you learned something new about how to take care of your suit right from the beginning. So, the next time you decide to purchase a suit, make sure you get it from the right place and have it custom-tailored by an expert.

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