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Car Coating, Teflon Vs Ceramic : Difference Explained

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Ceramic Coating

Coating your car with the ceramic spray or teflon coating saves your car from severe damage. Car coating gives the vehicle a perfect shine and saves it from rust, corrosion, chemical spots and stains which makes the car look dirty. It is one of the efficient ways to save your car and keep it new for a longer time.

It is merely a liquid that is applied at the exterior surface of the car. It is a work to be done by professionals. Before applying the coating first you need to wash the car and wipe it properly. After that carry on with the chemical decontamination. Then the manual demonstration of paint is done with a clay bar. After this polish the paint and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth and lastly apply the coating.

There are mainly two types of coating which is ceramic coating and teflon coating. Let’s check out the difference and know about it in detail.

Teflon Coating

Teflon coating is also known as Paint Protection Coating that is used by car detailers to ensure the longevity of the exterior surface of the car. The coating makes a protective layer on the surface and gives it a glossy appearance.

Teflon is a synthetic fluoropolymer in chemical form that is non-sticky and has a shiny appeal. The coating enhances the paint’s ability to prevent rusting and wear and tear when the temperatures are extreme. 

How to Apply Teflon Coating

  • Before applying the coat, the car’s exterior is washed and is cleaned thoroughly to wipe off all the dust and pollen particles.
  • Once the car is completely dried, teflon coating is applied all over it in lubricant form.
  • The coat is then dried for an hour before starting the further process.
  • When it is completely dried the car is then polished by a buffing machine to give an accurate gloss.
  • The buffing process takes at least 30 minutes and it even removes minor scratches when done properly.
  • Now your car is ready with a perfect coating and a glossy finish. 

The teflon coating can last for months and once it is done you don’t need to polish or wax your car frequently to give it a desired texture.

Ceramic Coating

The ceramic coating is also known as nano coating which is a liquid polymer clear coat applied over the car’s paint. The coating fills up nano pores adding a hydrophobic layer to the paint’s surface. This extreme surface strictly restricts dirt and stains from sticking on the surface.

The shield is heat-resistant and waterproof giving a clear coat finish which is much more effective then synthetic wax. It works the best when applied professionally and gives a durable coating solution which can protect minor damages to the exterior of a car for years.

How to Apply Ceramic Coating

  • While applying the ceramic coating you first need to wash the car using a pressure washer and foam.
  • After it is completely dried start chemical decontamination by using iron filing remover and tar remover.
  • When it is done leave it for five to ten minutes after which the next stage of decontamination is to manually demonstrate the paint using a clay bar and clay bar lubricant.
  • The next step is to polish the paint. Before applying the coating you need to polish the paint to remove the scratches and swirl marks.
  • Spray some isopropyl alcohol mix on the surface and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth to remove any polishing oils.
  • Lastly, apply the ceramic coat using the ceramic coating box that includes a silica spray, foam applicator and a microsuede applicator cloth.
  • The last step is to wipe the car with a microfiber cloth after 15-20 minutes to give it the perfect shine and shimmer. 

Once the ceramic coating is done on the car you don’t need to wash your car every week. You can just clean it with a cloth to maintain the shine. But as the car becomes dirty in monsoon you need to wash it for a clean and shiny car.

Which One is Better?

Both teflon coating and ceramic coating are a barrier to minor scratches, swirls and chemical stains yet it also protects the paint for a longer time. Both of them are equally convenient for your car’s protection but if you need to choose any one then go for ceramic coating as it lasts longer and gives a better protection as compared to teflon coating.

Ceramic coating is expensive as compared to teflon coating and if we talk about the durability then teflon is durable for eight to ten months and ceramic is durable for years. So if you are ready to get your car coated every year then a better option is to go for teflon coating. But if you are willing for a long term investment then you should definitely go for ceramic coating.


There is no doubt that both the coatings are best on their own and the only difference is the durability and affordability of the coating. Teflon coating is a cheaper option and has to be redone after months. Ceramic coating is expensive but can last for years and you rarely need to do it once after it’s done. A number of ceramic coating car products are used to detail the car.

The coating saves your cleaning and detailing expenses of the exterior surfaces as it saves the car from every type of stain and scratches which decreases the overall appearance of the car. It helps the car look new for a long time and no waxing or polishing is required on a frequent basis. Just keep in mind to always prefer a professional and trustable car coating firm to get the work done perfectly. Get your car cleaned properly before you go for the coating process so that no dust and scratches are found on the car. Once everything is done your brand new car will look just perfect.            

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