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These days parents of young children are frustrated with the endless NHS waiting lists for orthodontic treatment. We all know that the NHS dentist in Wimbledons is the best so every parent wants their child’s treatment from them. 

Orthodontic treatment works best for adolescence because during this time a child’s mouth is in the growing stage. The jaw still remains flexible and during the late teenage years, it becomes hard. The way the NHS system works in the United Kingdom prevents many children from getting free orthodontic treatment, especially when it is necessary. 

The problem lies with the NHS system, especially with the Local Commissioning Teams and not the Wimbledon dentist NHS. This team controls the contracts for the dentist and this is leading to insufficient service towards the society. Every child needs orthodontic help when he turns 12. This is the best time to get braces when the adult tooth is erupting. 

  • Does every child need orthodontic therapy?

This is a question that every child’s mom thinks at least once in lifetime. So, let us read about it to find out the answer. According to the National Health Service, about one-third of children need this therapy to correct their jaw and teeth irregularities. This also includes overcrowding teeth, a gap in between, crooked and malocclusion.

Crooked teeth cause gum infection, jaw problems, headaches, bad breath, and cavities

A gap between two teeth will put the child at greeted risk of gum problems

Overlapping of teeth will result in becoming crooked after some time. 

Malocclusion occurs due to bad bite and this includes: –

  • Crossbite: when the upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth
  • Overbite: these are generally protruding one when the front teeth are overlapping the lower front teeth
  • Underbite: when the lower teeth are bigger than the upper teeth
  • Open bite: when there is no proper contact between the upper teeth and the lower teeth.

Without proper treatment bite disorder will cause further oral problems like difficulties while eating and speaking, gum disease, tooth loss, cavities, and also an erosion of tooth enamel.

Here is a list of signs that a parent should notice to understand that the child needs orthodontic therapy and they are: –

  • The teeth not forming an alignment while biting
  • Snoring from a very young age
  • Breathing through the mouth
  • Protruding front teeth or overcrowded
  • Difficulties in chewing or biting
  • Speech impairment
  • Difficulty in cleaning the baby’s teeth
  • Abnormal movement of the jaw while closing or opening the mouth

  • How long does a child need to wait for the NHS orthodontic therapy?

The NHS orthodontic services are free for people under 18 years. For this reason, the demand is really high and the waiting list is very long. In those areas where there are fewer NHS orthodontists the waiting period is too high. According to the NHS report, a child might qualify for this benefit but the waiting period can range from 6 months to 3 years. 

Benefits of taking the child for private orthodontic care are: –

Timely treatment of the oral area reduces the pain or the irritation. The timely start of the treatment will reduce the cost of the treatment. This facility is simply not possible at the NHS due to the waiting period.

Services not included in the NHS are: –

  • Lingual braces like the incognito that has brackets and can be fitted on the back of the teeth
  • Clear aligners like the invisible braces or the Invisalign
  • Ceramic braces 

What are the payment options for private orthodontic therapy for a child?

The cost depends on various factors like the complexity of the problem, the experience of the dentist, the treatment procedure, and so on. Very few dental insurances cover this treatment when they find it is medically necessary for the child or else, they will not. Most of the reimbursement is up to a certain percentage and not much. Though some private clinics like SW 19 Confidental try to keep the charges less for children. Though they provide free consultation and an installment system that is interest-free. 

What is the difference between NHS versus Private orthodontic care for children?

Only due to lack of resources the NHS orthodontics cannot cope with the current situation and the need for dental care is increasing as days go by. Hence the private dental clinics are providing alternative treatment plans so that the children do not go without check-ups on time. At a private dental clinic, you will get an appointment immediately, maybe the wait can be for one or two days and not more. So, if an emergency situation arises go to a dentist who is near your house and start the treatment. Dental pain is sometimes not bearable and children cannot cope with the pain. 

Proper orthodontic treatment will emphasize oral hygiene and will prevent tooth decay or gum infection. This will definitely have an impact on a child’s confidence and smile, this is what the NHS dentist in Wimbledon says. 

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