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Know when your home needs an electrical inspection

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Electrical inspection

Electrical safety is something that is never to be messed with. The reason is because that puts you along with your family members and your home at huge risk. In order to avoid that risk it is also best to always call for professional intervention to get any electrical work – however big or small – done in home. The same policy stands even when you feel electricity in your home is not working properly as it should and there can be some underlying problems behind it. Only a trained and qualified professional can help you the best possible way to resolve the problems and save you from the chances of electrical fires and electric shocks. On the other hand, when you ignore electrical problems and do not care for resolving them, you not only put your life as well as that of your near and dear ones along with your property at huge risk but also allow the value of your home to slide lower than its current market price.  

The best way to seek, when you feel the electrics system is not functioning properly, is to get an electrical safety inspection done. But when should you call for those inspection tests? The question is highly relevant and a large number of people across the UK unfortunately do not have the answer to it. Here are a few circumstances to consider to get an EICR done on your home.

You live in a home which is nearly 40 years old or above

Do you live in an older home? Is your home almost 40 years of age or older? If it is yes, then definitely it is time to get an inspection carried out. As your home grows older, so does its wiring. And old, outdated wiring is always a massive risk for it could lead to a severe electrical fire almost any time. In addition to that if you have started experiencing any electrical problem off late, then it is high time to dig into it and diagnose the matter without allowing time to elapse any more.

Ordinary people are obviously not trained to understand electrics. But it is important for them to note that older homes were never designed to handle the large number of electronic appliances that we use randomly now a days like computers, laptops, smart TV sets and mobile chargers to name a few. It is highly obvious that the homes those were built nearly four decades ago or even earlier do not sufficient electrical circuits to handle the large amount of excess power that almost every household consumes today. When too many items pull power from the same circuit, there is a severe chance of overloading.

Now we all have heard the story about ‘that’ home where there is always a blown circuit whenever you try plugging the hair dryer while the TV is on. This is a classic example of circuit overloading. And this phenomenon is pretty common in the present times. How do those inspections help? An inspection may lead to a damaged wire or wires. It can furthermore make sure your circuit has the proper wattage. In addition to that it can also provide you with new and better options to upgrade your existing electrics so that it can deal with the increased power consumption easily. An electrical installation safety report opens up a lot more doors to possibilities than you may imagine.

When you are constantly experiencing these signs

The age of your home or those of the electrical panels installed in your home is not the only factor to consider getting an electrical test done. Irrespective of the age of a property here are some common signs to look out for to request an inspection without necessary delay. These signals indicate there is something wrong in the particular electrical system and that problem must be resolved within the shortest possible turnaround.

  • Consistently flickering lights
  • The sockets or the switches are warm to touch
  • Excessive electricity utility bills in succession
  • Constant tripping or circuit breakers
  • There is a spark r a short circuit when you are plugging in something

When you are proactive to solve these issues chances of electrical fires and shocks are much less. 

When you are looking forward to sell your property

An electrical inspection of your home is crucial when you are looking forward to place the property in the market for sale or a change of ownership. When you have the electrics evaluated you will be fully aware about its value. Moreover it gives the potential buyers the peace of mind knowing that they will not have to spend money on electrics testing on the move-in day.

If any issues are identified the buyer and the seller can sit down and discuss who will shoulder the responsibility to fix those. For both the parties the inspection proves helpful, points out an Electricians in Chelsea, London.

Looking for reliable electricians for upgrading your home electrics or to get an EICR done? Electric Works London is ready to cater to your needs and much more. We provide our expertise all over London and also the neighbouring areas. Contact us today!

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