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Some of the best Indian House Colour Combinations for Outside Walls

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Outside Walls

The exterior house colour design of any house gives the first impression of any house. It is important to pay attention while choosing the best colour combinations as usually it is seen that only the interiors of the house are given importance. Just adding a pop of colour to the exteriors can enhance the entire look of the house and take it to the next level.

Important points for Indian simple house colour combinations for outside walls according to Vastu

The best colours for the exterior walls in the southeast direction of any house are orange and red. The parking area should be located in the South-East or the North-West direction of the house.

The best Indian house colour combination for outside walls

According to Vastu, the colour of a house will have a considerable impact on the lives of the residents of the house. Colours if chosen properly according to Vastu have the power to heal and remove any defects in the house.

Here’s a list of Vastu colours for your home exterior for attracting prosperity and happiness-

  1. White colour represents purity and peace. Choosing a white colour exterior paint can bring a peaceful environment into the house as it will bring positivity into your home and gives the impression of a bigger house.
  1. Hues of yellow which is the colour of the sun will bring positive energy, happiness and fortune to the residents of the house.
  1. Green colour is said to bring positivity and growth and can make the house a peaceful place.
  1. Opt for a lighter shade of blue for home exterior colour for good fortune and happiness.
  1. Pink stands for joy and purity. Choose a light shade of pink for exteriors.

Let us look at some of the best Indian house colour combinations for outside walls.

  1. An All-white exterior – Go in for an all-white look for an Indian house colour combination for outside It will provide a serene look to the entire house. You can select a classic white colour or any other shade of white to provide a crisp look. A pop of colour can be added at the door or windows if you want to break the monotony of white.
  1. White and turquoise – If you don’t want the white to be the dominant colour, combine it with turquoise which will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house. This colour combination gives a unique look to the exteriors of the house.
  1. Red in combination with cream – Another Indian simple house colour combination for outside walls is red combined with cream. Red is a popular colour in Indian traditions. When it is used in combination with cream, then it combines traditional with modern.
  1. Mint Green colour – If you want a beautiful and cool colour for your home exteriors, then the best colour is a mint green shade. This is a very relaxed and warm Indian house colour combination for outside.
  1. Brown colour – Brown is a symbol of warmth. This colour gives a very inviting feel to any home. You can choose any shade of brown from mahogany to chocolate brown or coffee.
  1. Orangish red and gray – Brick is found on the exteriors of most of the Indian houses. The orangish-red brick colour will stand out.  Use shades of gray as an accent for painting the exteriors of the house. Brick colours can be combined with any other neutral colours as well. This colour combination works very well for any house exterior.
  1. Choose lighter shades of pink which can give a beautiful and a soothing look to the exteriors of any house. You have a variety of pink shades from baby pink to bubblegum pink.

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It is very important to be careful while selecting the colour for the exterior of your house. Choose from a variety of Indian simple house colour combinations for outside walls to give your house exteriors a stunning look. We have compiled some best colours for you to choose from. You can choose one or try out different combinations to transform the look of your house.

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