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Different Types of Rolling Shutter Doors

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Rolling Shutter Doors

Security and safety are two important elements everyone looks for while selecting doors. And combining the two, along with aesthetic appeal, comes rolling shutter doors for shops, warehouses and other establishments. Rolling shutter doors have become a tremendously popular choice because of the various safety features it provides. Providing protection against fire and theft in equal measure, rolling shutter doors are also easy to install and maintain, making them the most preferred type of doors for every kind of structure.

There are many types of rolling shutter doors available, each with its own features and advantages. Automatic rolling shutters have become the most popular of the lot, but you need to be aware of all the different types of rolling shutter doors available before you select one that suits your needs. Before we delve into the different types of rolling shutter doors, we need to classify them into different categories to get a better understanding:

  • Based on Material
  • Based on Application
  • Based on Operation

Types of rolling shutter doors based on Material

Aluminum rolling shutter

One of the most commonly used rolling shutter doors, aluminum rolling shutters are corrosion resistant, lightweight, highly durable, noise free, strong and provide privacy and are aesthetically pleasing. Aluminum rolling shutters are made from superior grade aluminum and come in single wall and double wall variants, with additional options for insulation as well.

Polycarbonate rolling shutter

Polycarbonate rolling shutter doors come in transparent form which can be useful for establishments where visibility and ventilation are aimed for. Even though they are lightweight and transparent, polycarbonate rolling shutter doors are extremely secure as well. They are on the higher side on the cost scale in comparison to other types of rolling shutter materials.

M.S. rolling shutter

Easy to install and weather resistant, M.S. rolling shutters are made from high quality steel rods that can also be integrated with perforated panels or grills to meet different purposes. M.S. Rolling shutters can provide see-through and/or ventilation if required, are rust resistant, easy to install and are one of the most cost-effective rolling shutter options available.

Types of rolling shutter doors based on Application

Industrial rolling shutter

For harsh and large industrial areas that require sturdy and strong doors, industrial rolling shutters are the best option for you. It is made from metal, aluminum and steel and can be operated in the form of push pull, mechanical gear, etc.

Grill rolling shutter

If you require ventilation, visibility, protection and safety all in one, the best door option for you would be grill rolling shutters. Made from 0.9mm aluminum alloy or steel links, grill rolling shutters. To provide security to the closure, grill rolling shutters are made in the form of grills on the top part and rolling shutters on the bottom. This ensures there is appropriate safety as well as being economical and is therefore used commonly in transformer rooms, power generator rooms, shops and other commercial establishments.

Types of rolling shutter doors based on Operation

Automatic rolling shutter

The most popular type of rolling shutter doors available in the market, automatic rolling shutters are preferred for their ease of installation, operation and maintenance. As the name suggests, automatic rolling shutter doors operate automatically, but in case of power failure they can be manually opened and closed with ease. Highly durable and easy to maintain, automatic rolling shutters are made from M.S., aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel.

Mechanical gear rolling shutter

Mechanical gear rolling shutters are rolling shutter doors operated with the help of pulley block, winding handle, reduction gear and connecting rod. Mechanical gear rolling shutters are used where the opening area is 10 square metres or bigger.

Push pull rolling shutter

As the name suggests, push pull rolling shutters are operated by manual push and pull action mechanism. It is preferably used in those areas where the opening is less than 10 square metres. It is the most simple type of rolling shutter door available.

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