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Hotel Key Cards: Everything You Need to Know About Them

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Hotel Key Cards

We have come a long way when it comes to providing security to guests in hotels. The traditional lock and key to access guest rooms is almost a gone concept. Most hotels now use hotel key card for the lock system of the rooms.

But have you ever wondered how these digitized hotel key cards work? Basically, there are two types of hotel key cards that we popularly use for accessing and securing hotel room doors.

The first kind of hotel key card we use has magnetic strips on it. The other kind has a hole punch. We call it an RFID card.

We know the magnetic strip hotel key cards as Swipe Cards.

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How does Magstripe Hotel Key Cards work?

The magnetic stripe key cards are pretty simple technology and work straightforwardly. This particular hotel key card has a magnetic strip on the card that saves the basic information.

When a guest checks in and uses this type of card for access to their booked rooms. The reception gets to download the user access number that they assign to the card, therefore, allow the guests to unlock the door and enter.

As soon as the guest checks out, the information saved on the stripe also erases automatically, making the card disallowed for further access.

How do RFID Hotel Key Cards work?

We consider RFID cards to be more high-tech than magstripe key cards. It is a contactless-type of card that utilizes a radio network for its function. The card sends radio frequencies for activating the hotel room door and finally allowing access to it.

There is another kind available for RFID hotel key cards, we call it the proximity card. For this type of card to work smoothly, the user needs to touch the RFID reader present on the card.

NFC Tech powered Hotel Key Cards

While magstripe key cards and RFID cards are popular choices for hotel key cards, many hotels invest in high-end technology to make their hotel room key cards. The NFC technology is a key card type that is seen to be used for making hotel key cards.

This type of key card works with the use of a guest’s mobile phone or any other hotel amenities. When this tech-powered card is used it sends a code to the guest’s smartphone, the phone is drawn closer to the NFC reader set up on the hotel room’s door, the reader instantly picks the code and allows access to the room.

Alternatively, the guest can also enter the sent-out code to the door lock for access. Even though the technology is a little bit more complicated than the other choices and is relatively new, it gives more level of security to hotel rooms.

RFID or Magnetic Stripe Hotel Key Cards?

Although NFC hotel key cards are more secure and safe for use, they are a new technology that not everyone is accustomed to. Hotels popularly use either magnetic stripe key cards or RFID cards for room security and access.

If you wondering which one is a better choice then here’s a brief comparison between the two –

Magnetic Stripe Cards

This type of hotel key card is a cost-effective option. This is why many hotels rely on magnetic stripe cards in hotel rooms.

You can even customize magnetic stripe cards and make them personalized for your hotel business. Many hotels use this type of key card to even advertise and promote their hotel brand.

However, duplication of magnetic stripe cards is easy and they don’t offer that much security to hotel room locks. Also, they are not durable and tend to damage when used heavily.

RFID Cards

In comparison to magstripe cards, RFID hotel room key cards are more secure and durable with their upgraded technology. However, they are budget-friendly as the mag stripe cards and can cost more.

Also, customization is not an option for RFID cards.

Bottom Line

Although mag stripe hotel key cards are cost-effective and popular, they don’t allow maximum level security to rooms. Whereas RFID cards are safe and secure but are expensive.

Before you place an order for hotel key cards make sure to consider these important points and prefer your choice ideally.

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