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When you move out of your old home and move into a new one, the excitement of having everything new is amazing but it can be a tedious task. If it’s a new home there will be tons of work to do. There will be so many different decorations you’ll have to do, with your personal touch in it. The main part of redecorating your home is getting your curtains right and to get inexpensive and simple curtains readymade curtains are the ones for you with a quick and easy way of hanging, readymade curtains have always been in trend for a long time.

For people who keep on moving, ready-made curtains are the best ones for them, with easy to install and use these curtains come in very handy, and even for those who want to keep on changing the look of their home, these curtains do the work for them.  If you are shopping for curtains for the first time this can be a real task for you, with a huge range of variety and options available you are bound to get confused. You can have different pairs of ready-made curtains for you for every different room. As curtains come in a huge variety of patterns and fabrics. Curtains are a kind of investment we make which can either give our home a complete look or even make it look really weird


You can easily get overwhelmed with the number of options you’ll find while looking for curtains with so many colors, patterns, textures, fabrics, and designs available you can never run out of options. Curtains show the sense of style and choice of an individual. You can style your curtains in many different ways

Pairing curtains with blinds

You’ll always find people hesitant about pairing readymade curtains online and blinds together as both can easily block the sunlight out, so why do you need both of them, to make your room look amazing and you can get the needed privacy easily. They easily change the outlook of your room. To get the most amazing kind of look you should opt for blinds first it can be rollers or venetian, never pair prints with prints, choole one solid or subtle look for either blinds or drapes.  You can easily choose the tones of your curtains in the way you want them to give you vibes. Warm tones, bright tones or even a luxurious look. It all depends on the hues you choose for your curtains.

Light and sheer curtains

If you have smaller windows, you can choose these light and sheer curtains for your home as they are the best option to let maximum light in and even allow us our privacy. These curtains are pocket friendly as they are light weighted and the fabric cost is cheap.

Sheer curtains have a great versatility and can be made in many styles and designs. They give an elegant vibe you want in your curtain; these curtains are ideal for the summer season.

Blackout curtain

These curtains are best for your room as they help reduce the light to its minimum, are good at noise reduction and even keep the room warm. These features are not only the main reason to get these curtains, they look exceptionally beautiful too. For people living in a hot place or where noise is extreme these curtains are best for you.

Linen window curtain

Linen fabric is a popular fabric known for its versatility, be it in clothes or curtains linen can never be a wrong choice. Linen is one of the most used fabrics after cotton in the fashion and furnishing industry. These curtains fall amazingly when used as curtains and even allow good ventilation in the room. The best part of these curtains are they are easy to maintain and can be washed easily at home.

Bamboo window blinds

Windows have always been the center of attraction in a room. With windows needing smaller blinds bamboo blinds are a smart choice as fabric blinds for miniature windows can get really hard to clean. They come in many varieties. You can choose the one according to you. Buy a good quality one as the cheaper one can get easily damaged, whereas you can pair wooden furniture with these blinds to make the look room together.

Panel window blinds

If you are not a big fan of curtains or blinds you can easily opt for panels. You can choose translucent window panels to get a screen view of your window. These curtains are best for sliding window doors which give your room a modern look.


MATERIALS- while you are out buying window curtains make sure you get the best fabric according to your preference which will look beautiful day and night, when looked from far and even closely, kept open or when pulled together. Curtains can easily be made from any fabric. Make sure to choose according to your need and time you can give to clean them as some fabric needs frequent cleaning while some can be cleaned whenever you feel like cleaning. Some hang beautiful while some stay stiff.

OPACITY– you’ll find curtains from transparent to blackout curtains and everything in between, you should choose the one according to their need and requirement of room and of course the place you live. Curtains come in sheer, semi sheer, opaque, blackout.

LENGTH – length depends on what kind of look you want in your room. You want it the same length of your window or till the floor or to add a dramatic feel you need to add a few inches to let it pool it on the floor.

HEADER– header is the top hanging tool of the curtain, it totally depends on what kind of curtain you are planning to have. Curtains can easily be hung on the curtain rod by rod pockets or loops or you can add hooks or drapery pins to hang it a little lower. Some rod pockets have tabs on the back to give you curtains dramatic drapery. To get a smooth movement in your curtains you can opt for hooks. It might take longer to install but it will make it easier for you to move the curtains.


Curtains can make or break the look of your room, choosing the right fabric, pattern or design is as important as the curtain itself. Choosing the hues of the curtains can take longer than you anticipated but choose wisely as curtains can be a huge investment for a longer period of time. Curtains should match your rest of the interior to look more elegant, you can either get subtle curtains to shift the focus to the rest of the interior or get brighter curtains for the center of attention. The above stated points might help you choose the right type and perfect curtain for your dream home.

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