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Use These Exercises to Ease Shoulder Pain and Stress

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Now we used to work on the computer for long hours which causes back pain, shoulder pain. In this case some short exercise can do a lot to alleviate your pain. As per the trusted source 18-26% adults suffer from shoulder pain and associated common symptoms. However, it can be regulated and controlled with the help of stretches, exercises, and manual therapy. Stretches and exercises can do magic in shoulder pain, thus rehab care therapists always recommend stretches and shoulder stretching exercises to minimize and regulate shoulder pain.

In this article, we’re going to talk about 10 highly effective stretching and mobility exercises that would help you to minimize shoulder pain.

Do some Stretches to minimize your shoulder pain significantly.

People who work in the wrong workstation or in the wrong posture, often suffer from shoulder pain. Even when a person performs weight lifting exercise in the gym not following proper instruction, they are prone to develop shoulder pain. Thus, it is crucial to remember that there are plenty of causes available that instigate shoulder pain. Thus, if you feel chronic shoulder pain, then you shouldn’t leave them untreated instead take the medical consultation to know the actual reason and to get proper treatment.

However, for instant support we pen down a few shoulder exercises that will help you to manage shoulder pain fully or partially.

Let’s check one by one.

Mobility exercise

Arm circles: It is a practical procedure of warming up your shoulder joints and increasing their flexibilities. When you perform an arm circle daily, it would help you to manage shoulder tension and associated pain.

How to do this:

  1. Get stand up by entirely straight posture with feet at hip width apart
  2. Then gradually raise your arm, stretch up to side by side, make your body shape like “T”
  3. Then make a minimal circular motion (Clockwise) with your arm
  4. Do this exercise for at least 15 seconds then rotate anticlockwise

Doorway stretches

Sounds very uncommon


The Doorway stretch is a kind of static stretch that helps a person to improve their shoulder flexibility, specially associated with Pectoralis muscles. One can do this at their home or in the corner of his bedroom.

What are the steps of Doorway stretches;

  1. Just get out of your bed, or chair, then stand up! Facing a corner of the room, that should be close enough to touch each wall easily.
  2. Flex the shoulder and move the elbow at 90 degrees so that your finger points toward ceiling
  3. Then place one hand on each hand, while elbow at shoulder height
  4. Then lean into the corner; stretches up to chest
  5. Hold this posture for 30 seconds
  6. Repeat the process for 30-60 seconds
  7. Do these six times a day for optimum results.

Thread the needle

This stretch is great option to relieve you from mobility restriction in shoulder and upper back

  1. Initiate with your hands and knees
  2. Then place the right palm at centre, it means the hand should be directly under the chest
  3. Then gradually lift the left arm in the direction of ceiling, while palm facing away from the body
  4. Next, gradually lower the left arm, slide it down under the right arm. Next keep the left arm straight without collapsing the chest
  5. Then deepen the stretch by lifting left arm off to the ground
  6. Hold this position for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Child’s pose

It is traditionally known as “Bal asana” a very gentle and relaxing Yoga posture that relieves your shoulder from pain

Let’s check the procedure:

  1. First, take a yoga mat, at spread it on your floor, then kneel on it, with the knees must be wider than the hip width apart
  2. Then engage your all four paws; Place the palm on mat slightly in front of your shoulder
  3. Then sit back on your heels and move forward at hip, stomach should be resting on your thighs
  4. Stretch the arm in front of your body, next rest the forehead on floor
  5. Make your stretch deeper by pressing the chest down toward, at shoulder must be at ground
  6. Hold this posture for 20 seconds, and you’re sorted

Strength exercises

External shoulder rotation is apt to strengthen your shoulder, rotator cuff muscles, along with improving encouraging flexibility. For this you need to take a resistance band or towel.

External shoulder rotation

  1. Take a light-weight resistance band in both of your hands
  2. Place both of your arms at the side of your body & bend at your elbow
  3. Keep your one arm static, rotate another arm through your body with 90-degree bend in elbow
  4. Hold this posture for 5 second
  5. Then gradually return your arm near your body
  6. Repeat this exercise in two sets, 12-15 reps each set, 4 times a week.

Apart from these basic exercises, hand therapy exercises are also highly effective in alleviating shoulder pain. However, you need to talk with your specialist before initiating hand therapy.

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Sawoni Chowdhury is an aficionado of writing. She is an expert writer and blogger and shares her views and opinions on a range of topics such as Lifestyle, Business, Entertainment and lot more. She works for Squegg , a best hand grip strengthener device for hand grip strength.

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