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4 best types of Ayurvedic massages in Sydney

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Ayurvedic massages in Sydney

The combination of the 5000-year-old Indian concept of Ayurveda – the science of life and knowledge of numerous vital pressure points in our body has given rise to the concept of Ayurvedic massage. The technique is designed to create a balance among the mind, body, and spirit. Ayurvedic massage has extraordinary powers to heal our bodies. An Ayurvedic massage in Sydney quintessentially involves the use of warm herb essential oils, therefore sometimes it is known as an oil massage.

Best types of Ayurvedic massages to find in Sydney

A wide number of Ayurvedic massages are in practice today, each with its therapeutic goal. Each type of Ayurvedic massage in Sydney has distinct applied pressure, speed, the direction of movement, and the proportion of friction. The warming sesame oil and the cooling coconut oil are the two common types of oils used in this kind of massage. Some intricate environmental parameters like time of day, seasons are taken into account to maximize the benefits of the therapy. The best four types of Ayurvedic massages you’ll get in Sydney are:

1. Abhyangam

The Sanskrit word, “Abhyangam” translates to “everywhere”. In the massage, warm herbal oils are administered to obtain a balance in the mind and body. Your blood circulation and the functions of the muscular-skeletal system will improve. It also removes toxins from the tissues and can relieve mental stress and physical fatigue, and reduce stiffness in the body. 

Abhyangam also boosts the production of leucocytes and antibodies, which means more resistance against bacteria and viruses. It strengthens the defense mechanism of the body and equips it to combat environmental changes. Therefore, Abhyangam is a protector and a rejuvenator and holds the power to increase self-confidence and willpower. You can use this therapeutically or set appointments once in a while to get occasional treats.

2. Ayurveda-yoginabhyangam

This type of body massage involves stretching through several passive yoga asanas. Ayurveda-yoginabhyangam is a distinct technique that is aimed at deep tissue massage and involves breathwork and yoga stretching. The deep tissue massage soothes and rejuvenates the muscle system and other soft tissues of the body. This prepares the receiver’s body for yoga stretching. By synchronized breathing, the receiver is progressively guided deeper into assisted yoga postures that rectify the postural imbalance and restore harmony to the body.

This comprehensive healing approach dissolves physical and emotional blockages, neutralizes toxins, promotes correct posture, revamps the respiratory system, boosts energy levels and as a result, you feel fresh and nourished. 

3. Marma Therapy 

Marma Therapy is an ancient treatment technique that originates from Vedic wisdom. In this method, energy pressure points are manipulated to access, release and heal the physical and emotional body.

In this 60 or 90-minute massage therapy, gentle pressure is applied to the target points on the face, neck, shoulder, head, throat, and chest. The calculated gentle pressure awakens the higher intelligence connected to a specific organ inside the body. As a result, this releases blocked emotions and stagnant energies. After liberating the vital points, you’ll feel a deep sense of deep physical and emotional release which will enable you to easily lose yourself into the pure nature of calm. Try this Ayurvedic massage technique in Sydney to become the beholder of a radiant mind and body.

4. Udgarshana

This body massage technique employs the use of herbal powders. The dry powders are heated slightly and applied to the body from below the neck. Unlike most other Ayurvedic massages, oil is not used in Udgarshana. The Udgarshana is designed to open our inner channels, reduce excess and stagnant fats in the body, and promote and sense of lightness. This technique enhances the skin by improving its complexion and prohibits the production of excess oil in the skin. It also removes impurities from the skin and restores the health of the tissues. To get the most out of Udgarshana, book a session during the spring season. 

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