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Books to read if you want to explore different things

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Best books to read

Students most commonly ask us one question, i.e., ‘Whether a book can really help you to transform your life while expanding your knowledge?’ The answer to this question is YES! You have to find the best books to read for transformation.

If you go through popular business professionals’ daily routines, you will find a few things in common. First, they eat well. Second, they read books daily!

Books not only allow you to open your mind, but it also helps you to explore new interests, experiences, ideas and even places. It also helps develop an understanding of complicated ideas.

All in all, books are a great way to help yourself. Although, there are several books for students that can help you improve your life. However, if you are confused about the Best books to read that would impact your life the most, read along.

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Below is a list of 6 different books that will help you explore new things and learn ways to lead your life.

Best books to read

6 books that will help you explore different things

1. Never Pay the First Bill

The book sheds light on the disturbing truth of the booming American health care industry. Today, Americans are both deprived and overcharged for receiving basic medical facilities. Of course, everyone knows how wrong this is, but somehow, genuine complaints are discouraged, and help seekers cannot give the required push to the system.

Marshall Allen’s Never Pay the first bill guides Americans through the vicious circle of their healthcare system. After 15 rigorous years of investigation of the healthcare industry, Allen has shown how individuals and companies have bravely fought against the health care system’s atrocities and forced them to play fair.

The book guides you about how you can achieve the same by using multiple tried and tested techniques to;

  • Analyze your medical bills
  • Tips on how you can contest against overpricing
  • Obtaining billing codes in advance
  • Suing them for rightful claims
  • Writing treatment clauses before signing a document

One of the best books to read is available in both Kindle, as well as a hardcover version. Further, its Audiobook version is free with an Audible trial.

2. Man’s Search for Meaning

The book is about the author’s journey – Viktor Frankl – a survivor of the infamous Holocaust. The author aptly displays how every human can choose suitable responses for multiple situations, thus eliminating their suffering.

The book’s powerful message impacts the reader a hundredfold by the amalgamation of various photos, supplementary speeches, letters, and items lists.

The book offers a glimpse into the Nazi’s concentration camps. Overall, if you are a history buff and want to understand how death camps work, you should invest in this book.

One of the unique aspects of Franki’s writing in this book is that he helps you realize your life’s purpose while simultaneously teaching you to cope with suffering.

3. The War of Art

The book by Steven Pressfield primarily defines the various roadblocks or resistance that can hamper an artist’s creativity. Although primarily written for writers, the book has also been equally embraced by businessmen, entrepreneurs, artists, and filmmakers.

Pressfield will teach you about -Resistance-that is not allowing you to grow. Using these tips, you can identify the enemy lurking against us and defeat it.

The book will provide you with a road map to reach your inner battlefield. Then using its outlined battle plan, you can defeat your internal foe.

After reading this book, we are sure that you will channel your internal creative energy and unlock your hidden potential. The book is available in Kindle, hardcover, audiobook, and paperback editions.

4. The Subtle Art of not giving a F*CK

For centuries, we have been told that thinking positive is the key to success and happiness. However, is this true? Through his book, Mark Mason, the popular blogger, dwells through this question and removes the beautiful veil of being positive.

He ruthlessly shatters the belief and advises us to stop forcing us to become positive. Further, through his blunt yet effective writing, he advises his readers to deal with situations and become who they truly are. Finally, Mason asks us to be honest with ourselves and achieve everything that we are capable of achieving.

The Subtle Art of not giving a F*CK is a rhetorical satire that aims to stop preaching the ‘everything is fine’ mindset. The list of best books to read will teach you to stop making everything flowery with the strong backing of scientific research papers and studies.

With several things happening in our lives, you will learn how to worry about what truly matters. Thus, making you realize that money is necessary but caring for yourself and your life is what matters.

Invest in this book, and it will slap you with the reality of life and, thus, live a humble yet contented life. The book is available on Kindle, Audiobook, Hardcover, Paperback, and Audio, CD versions.

5. When Breath Becomes Air

Paul Kalanithi, a soon-to-be neurosurgeon, was suddenly diagnosed with lung cancer of inoperable nature. Suddenly on the verge of death, Kalanithi faces quite a dilemma of treating patients one day and becoming a patient himself the next day.

The book is primarily a memoir of Kalanithi’s transition into multiple roles of becoming a medical student, a doctor, a neurosurgeon, a patient, and then finally becoming a father. Throughout his journey, he looks into multiple life and death-related questions.

In his profoundly moving memoir, he offers us a guide to learn and reflect on our lives and find what is most important. The book will let you learn about how mortals can gracefully accept death by becoming completely alive.

The informal, sad and emotional memoir is a beautiful piece of literature that teaches us how to make your life meaningful yet inspiring. The book is available on Kindle, Audiobook, Paperback, and Hardcover versions.

6. Extreme Ownership

Two navy seals officers, posted in Iraq, faced the ultimate task of helping U.S. forces secure Ramadi, a city in Iraq. Now, what will they do? Through their firsthand account of heroism, much deserving victory, and tragic loss, Leif Babin and Jocko Willink teach you the story of their hard-learned skills.

One of the most important lessons taught by this book is that leadership is an essential aspect of making a successful life. After retiring from the SEAL teams, the authors started a new company to assist people in developing their leadership skills.

From teaching executives from the Fortune 500 companies to helping individual clients, the authors have assisted millions in improving their performance.

Extreme Ownership is an amalgamation of the principles followed by the authors in real life. The book is divided into different sub-parts, thus assisting readers in developing their skills individually.

By the book’s compelling narrative, direct application, and effective instructions, one can deal with challenges in their life. So, now, revolutionize your life by learning these leadership skills and meet the challenges head-on.

The book is available in multiple versions such as Kindle, audiobook, Hardcover, paperback, etc.


These days, only a few students like to read non-fiction books. Although there is nothing wrong with reading fiction, they contribute very little to increasing your knowledge.

Non-fiction books are altogether another story. They not only offer you different opinions but also guides you through a series of life issues. These books often shake and slap your brain into understanding what reality is.

By implementing non-fiction’s diverse opinions and choices, you will realize the positive influence they can impart on your life. So, what are you waiting for? Choose one of these and start reading today.

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