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Why Is Hampi Considered Among The Seven Wonders?

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Someone great once said, “if you do not travel, you will be stuck at just one page of the book called Earth.” Could we say it any better? I don’t think so.

Ever since the pandemic started in 2020 because of the Coronavirus, the life of travellers has become dull. With all the tourism and travel restrictions, it has been difficult for people to go around the globe and travel.

As the cases of infection are slowly taking a downturn this year, the World Tourism Department has stated that tourism sectors are going to see massive growth in the number of travelers.

If you are thinking about traveling and taking a vacation from your mundane life, you should try going to India. The country is often called the Cultural Capital of the world. The countless heritage sites of the country speak tons of the bygone days.

Why don’t you try visiting the city of Hampi, which is one of the seven wonders of the country?

Seven Wonders Of The World

A foundation in Switzerland launched a campaign in the year 2000 to determine the Wonders of the World. That is because the original list of the wonders of the world was compiled a very long time ago (2nd century BCE). This need for an update led to the new list.

It took them seven long years to decide which are the seven wonders of the world that are still standing as a record of history. In the year 2007, the new list was declared. This new list of the seven wonders of the world consisted:

  • The Great Wall of China
  • Petra of Jordan
  • Chichen Itza of Mexico
  • Machu Picchu of Peru
  • The Colosseum of Rome
  • Christ the Redeemer of Brazil
  • Taj Mahal of India

Seven Wonders Of India

The country of India is known for its diversity in topography, language, culture, and heritage. It is famous all over the world for its rich and inspiring history. That being said, there is no doubt that the country has its own seven Wonders.

In the year 2007, not only did the world get its Seven Wonders, but India also got hers. The Times of India carried out a poll that aimed to identify the cultural sites that deserved the title of being of the Wonders of the country.

And so, we got them. These wonders truly speak volumes about the history of the country. Here are the names of the historical sites that have been identified as the Seven wonders of India:

  • Taj Mahal of Agra
  • Gomateshwara of Karnataka
  • Nalanda of Bihar
  • Hampi of Karnataka
  • Golden Temple of Punjab
  • Konark Sun Temple of Odisha
  • Khajuraho of Madhya Pradesh

Let us now talk about one of the wonders of the country. Hampi.

Hampi: Why Is It Among The Seven Wonders?

Also called Hampe, Hampi is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the world. It is located in the Indian state of Karnataka.

Located on the banks of the River Tungabhadra in Deccan India, Hampi is often referred to as the Group of Monuments at Hampi. Let us learn some important facts and features of the place.


The city of Hampi was once the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire of the yesteryears and the second-largest city in the medieval era in the world after Beijing. Now it stands in ruins with a few monuments. But these ruins are enough to tell the visitors about the rich history of the place.

After the fall of the empire and a few more centuries, the city of ruins lost its importance. However, you can now explore the relics of the temples and other important structures spread over a vast area that still stand the test of time.


Hampi is famous in the country and all over the world for its huge and beautifully carved temples that were dedicated to the patron gods and goddesses of the Vijayanagara Empire. These Dravidian palaces and temples were built by the extravagantly rich princes and kings who wanted to flaunt not only their wealth but also their culture to other kingdoms.

When you visit the city of Hampi, you will be able to see that there are more than 1500 remains that are still surviving. These include forts, sacred and royal complexes, shrines, temples, riverside features, halls with pillars, gateways, memorial and water structures, defense checkpoints, and many others.

There are all kinds of monuments in the city. The key features of the Dravidian architecture among many are:

  • Massive dimension
  • Lofty towers
  • Cloistered enclosures
  • Decorated pillars

Things To See

The monuments of the city are many and for all groups of religions. There are Hindu monuments and temples, Muslim monuments, as well as Jain monuments. Among all the ruins that are left in this massive city, there are some that need special mention:

  • Vitthala temple complex
  • Lotus Mahal complex

The most important monument that you must see when you visit Hampi, however, is the Virupaksha Temple.

Virupaksha Temple

Also called the Prasanna Virupaksha Temple, this massive Dravidian temple is located on the banks of the river Tungabhadra. The mesmerizing architecture and the culture of the temple have made it one of the most visited sites in the country. This is also the reason why Hampi has earned a spot on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The temple is made for lord Virupaksha (the main deity), which is a form of Lord Shiva. There are beautiful stone inscriptions on the walls of the structure that date back to the 7th century BCE. This holds proof of the rich heritage of the empire.

The architectural features of the temple are tall towers called gopurams. These act as gateways to the inner portion of the temple. This inner sanctum consists of corridors and a hall that has ornate stone works that decorate it.

Final Words

The city of Hampi is located in Karnataka, India. The monuments of the city of ruins have stood still to the test of time. If you want to explore the rich cultural history of India, Hampi is definitely one of the places that you must visit.

If you are someone who is always in search of the greatest architectural wonder, you will be delighted once you step your foot inside the valley of ruins. Time stops here. If you want to travel this year to break free from the mundaneness of life, try visiting Hampi, and thank us later!


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