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Why iPhone 11 Screen Gets Broken So Easily? 

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The most asked question is why the screens get scratched or cracked so easily after much price. Screens have stored energy that converts into surface energy immediately when a mobile falls. A big hit or the way of falling angle determines the damage of the mobile screen.

iPhone has been updating its mobile screens to make it stronger and look stylish. iPhone is working hard to make their screens stronger, but in the end, it is glass, and glass can get broken. After so much protection, it still can look like a spiderweb-like pattern.

There are many glasses that mobile companies launch. Corning Gorilla glass is somehow the better one. After so many trials, the mobile company has failed to make a glass screen scratchproof. Mobile companies can make a screen scratch-resistant or drop-resistant. At the same time, they are unable to give both specs on the same screen. Although, the new glass is more scratch-resistant as compared to the older soda-lime glasses.

Almost everyone has experienced an unfortunate situation where their smartphone gets damaged out of the blue. However, despite all the advances in screen protection technology over the years, statistics show that cracked screens remain the most common cause of damage in the history of smartphones. Although it is an unexpected and inevitable occurrence, breaking your phone’s screen is never a pleasant experience, but you probably could not have done anything to save it. So now what? You’re probably getting ready to visit the phone repair store, aren’t you? Before you do that, let’s look at what you need to consider when replacing a cracked phone.

  1. The Expertise of Tech Guy
  2. Quality of Replacement Parts
  3. Cost of Replacement
  4. Turnaround Time
  5. Warranty of Repair and Replacement Part
  6. The reputation of Mobile Repair Center

The Expertise of Tech Guy

You must consider the technician’s expertise before replacing a cracked phone screen. Several shops repair smartphones out there, but the way they are repaired varies from one to another. Before agreeing to a repair shop for a cracked screen, you should check if the technician is familiar with the model of your phone. They may end up causing more harm than good if they are not familiar with it.

In most cases, such problems won’t occur at reputable and experienced mobile repair stores since they are well-trained and experienced in repairing smartphones from your brand. Alfalah Mobiles is one of the best iPhone 11 screen replacement Sydney service providers with certified and skilled tech.

Quality of Replacement Parts

The other most important factor is the quality of the screen. Genuine Mobile screens are already very delicate and can get broken easily. But, if someone is using a counterfeit mobile screen, then it means the chances are more that it will stop working soon. Moreover, the low-quality screens are also inferior in quality of touch. It is important that tech use the original parts for the iPhone 11 screen replacement.

Cost of Replacement

Determining the cost of screen replacement is an essential factor. It is highly likely that if the technician provides you with a cracked screen repair quote that is “too low,” he will not use a genuine spare part. However, the price of the replacement screen should not be excessive either.Alfalah Mobiles costs you just $165 for the iPhone 11 screen replacement. Though the screen replacement charges vary according to the series of the iPhone. The newer series screen replacement cost is higher than the iPhone 11, while the older model than the iPhone 11 has a lower repairing cost.

Turnaround Time

Mobiles have become the need of daily life. It’s hard to live without mobiles because we are too dependent on them. Whether it is personal life or business, we need mobiles every time with us. So, choosing a mobile repair shop that can repair your device in a short time is a better option. A screen replacement should not take more than 30-45 minutes. If someone is taking a lot of time a day or 2, it means they are wasting your time. There might be a possibility that they already have so many repairing devices. In such cases, the time limit can exceed.

To avoid this situation, always make an online appointment before visiting the mobile repair shops because it saves you time. Lots of reputable mobile repairs offer online appointments via their website.

In the end, there is nothing that can save your mobile screen from damage. Although glass protection can help you a little bit to keep the screen safe from scratches, there is nothing that can protect the screen from cracks. So, it’s better to find the bestiPhone 11 screen replacement Sydney shop, and with the above guideline, you will be able to get your screen fixed at a reasonable price and time.

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