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5 Tips for Embroidering Left Chest Logos

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Businesspersons and individuals around the world look for embroidery digitizing services for their own respective needs. A businessman would usually opt for such services to cater to the needs of brand identity and uniqueness in his or her respective businesses. On the other hand, an individual might need a digitally embroidered design to be sewn on his or her polo shirts, caps, jackets, or trousers.

In both cases mentioned above, both businesspersons and individuals look for a professional embroidery digitizing service provider. Only an experienced team of professionals can provide you with the best-looking embroidery designs. In this blog, we will discuss the best embroidering left chest logo digitizing.

 Where Should a Logo Go on a Shirt? Left or Right?

Generally, the best position for a logo is on the left, as preferred by most organizations. Most sports teams place their logos on the left to portray that the brand is where the heart is. Another reason for a left-sided logo is due to the handshake. A handshake tends to hide the logo with the extension of the right arm. Thus, the top left of the shirt stays clear all the time. Organizations look for top left chest logo digitizing services to fulfill their branding needs.

 Where Do You Place a Chest Logo?

A professional left chest logo digitizing solution provider places chest logos on the left. The standard positioning of a t-shirt is approximately 6’’ from the shoulder. However, from the center front of the shirt, the dimension is 4’’.

We should learn a few tips for placing the left chest logos to perfection. For best embroidering left chest logo digitizing, you should keep the following 5 tips in mind:

 1 Select the Right Backing for Your Design

Selecting the right back for your left chest logo design is the first thing to keep track of. If the backing is not perfect for the type of design, then the results can never be as predicted. Mostly, there are two types of backing that the best embroidering left chest logo digitizing service providers use. Both types of backing have different styles, weights, and colors.

 2 Find Out if Topping is Necessary

Topping becomes necessary for fabrics like knits, fleece, jersey, velvet, and so on. Such a fabric tends to shrink the stitches, resulting in damaged design formation. Thus, the choice of topping is a must for the best embroidering left chest logo digitizing. Sewing the topping on the top of your garment makes it firm, and the danger of damaging your design becomes zero.

 3 Use of Spray Adhesive

This is one of the best tools in digital embroidery, if used accurately. The best use of spray adhesive is to keep slippery fabric in place, ensuring the design stays intact. The best embroidering left chest logo digitizing companies also advise the machine operators to use spray adhesive for better results. In the case of a non-slippery fabric, spray adhesive is ignorable.

 4 Scale out the Preferred Position of Your logo

Companies that provide top left chest logo digitizing services have the knowledge of where to exactly place your logo designs. Professionally trained designers map your logo to perfection. With the help of their expertise, the best embroidering left chest logo digitizing services come into being. Logo placement for manual embroidery is quite complex as well. A manual embroidery maker also needs a good amount of experience before nailing the perfect designs on the right spot of your fabric.

 5 Prevention from Hoop Burn & Digitizing

A hoop burn is a mark that gets left behind on the fabric of your shirt, jacket, or cap. Hoop burns are a result of tightness present in the fabric. If the machine operator hoops the fabric too tightly, then the chances are higher that it will cause hoop burns on your garment. Hoop burns are the worst thing to happen to any top left logo digitizing service provider. A heavily built reputation goes to waste as a result of such hoop burns.

Prevention of hoop burns is possible with the extreme care and attention of the individual operating the machine. However, the step of digitizing also serves as one of the core reasons why a design looks the way it does. A digitizer designs the desired design and then adds the direction commands for the digital file to guide the machine. Thus, the best embroidering left chest logo digitizing design comes into being. Keeping in mind the use of colors, number of threads, and stitch type, a digitizer prepares a work of art for your left chest logo.

Left chest logo digitizing for small businesses offers multiple discounts in order to fulfill their needs within their desired budget. Best embroidering left chest logo digitizing is only possible if any digitizer and the machine operator follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks to succeed.


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