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How to connect HP Deskjet printer to Wi-Fi

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The HP Deskjet is one of the better brands and type of printers available in the market today. HP is also a brand which is highly sought after by a number of people. One of the best things about the printer is the fact that one can operate it with the help of Wi-Fi and internet. This means that an additional effort of making sure you use wires etc. to connect gets significantly reduced as well. It also enables the printer to print from a large number of devices. The process of connecting becomes much easier due to this.

It also ensures that you have an array of options for printing, along with devices like phones, tablets etc. as well. The various methods by which you can do this have been laid out in this article. Make sure you follow whichever one you deem relevant.

Prior to connecting your printer device to the Wi-fi also make sure that your device has been setup properly. The internet connection should be in a working condition as well. Make sure that you have all of these details cross checked with the help of other devices too. This will ensure that the device is in a working condition for a longer period of time too.

  • The WPS method to connect HP Deskjet to Wi-Fi

This is a rather simple process and can complete the entire setup within a matter of minutes with the push of a button. You have to first click on the wireless menu and then press the WPS button. Give it some time until the light on it starts to blink. Then you have to press the WPS button again within the period of a few minutes which you get there. There might be some cases where a WPS pin might need to be put in there. However, in some others it might not. It differs according to the case scenario at hand.

  • Wireless auto connect option for your HP printer

This is an option which does not require ancillary wires etc. and can be used with the help of only one software download option. Make sure that you have gone to the printer website and typed in the name of the HP printer. After this you will be given the link with which you have to download the driver software. Make sure that you give some time to the download and install option here. This is also something which will help you at a later stage, so wait for the install process to complete properly.

Ensure you have your device ready to use after this is done. The printer model here is relevant because we only want the drivers of the HP desk jet to be downloaded from there. Otherwise the concerns arising out of this would cause problems at a later stage and prevent the printing process too.

  • Further process

Once you have downloaded the printer driver, then make sure that you only then start using your printer device. The connection to WiFi will not be enabled unless your printer and your device are both in a good working condition for this purpose. Also ensure that both the devices are functioning well individually.

Once the network connection is established, then you should be able to conduct a few test print runs before you start to use it. Also make sure that should any major changes have been made to your device, then you should reboot it completely before using it again. This will also facilitate better use of the entire setup and prevent further printer problems.

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