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JEE Main is an important admission test for students interested in studying at India’s top schools, such as NITs, IIITs, and other Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTIs). Students must be prepared with the appropriate test preparations to pass these exams. Taking practice examinations is the most effective strategy followed by  best coaching institutes for IIT to improve the JEE exam score. If this is your first time taking JEE Main online, we recommend you to attend Computer Based Mock Tests at home. Before taking the JEE online test, it’s critical to understand how computer-based tests function and what features they have.

What is a Computer Based Test or CBT?

The term “computer-based test” refers to a test that is conducted on a computer. To put it another way, you must follow the CBT guidelines to attempt the JEE questions on a computer. You must already know that the IIT JEE Main exam includes both objective and numerical questions. Take CBT Exams to discover how the JEE Main computer-based test functions. JEE Main online mock exams also allow you to practice MCQs similar to the JEE Main examination format.

You may be familiar with the pattern if you have already taken the JEE exam or prior year papers, mock exams, or sample tests. However, you may now offer online mock examinations to get a feel for actual interfaces. Some of the characteristics of Online Mock Tests are as follows:

  • CBT tests are approached differently from pen-and-paper exams.
  • The questions and options are displayed on the screen.
  • Students must click on the proper alternatives to answer the questions and then go on to the next question.
  • Preliminary papers for problem-solving activities or rough work are also offered to students.

Important tips on how to attend for the JEE Main Computer Based test

  1. Create an exam-like environment at home

    By dressing up for the exam, you may create a realistic testing environment at your workplace. Take the test on a clean desk. When taking the mock test online, use a computer as if you were taking an exam. To keep track of the time, have a stopwatch on hand. It will be beneficial to you if you write the mock test with a friend. On separate sheets of paper, separate your question-and-answer papers. It’s better to photocopy the questions if they’re in a book. If the use of a calculator is prohibited in the test, you should avoid it.

    • Make liberal use of the review it later features

      The greatest feature about the JEE online exam interface is that it shows the question’s response status. You can return to any questions that haven’t been addressed or answered yet. Set the question aside for further examination if you are unsure about the answer (mark for review and next). You may return to the question later and make changes if necessary. 

      • Change the language of the question if students are having trouble understanding it

         If students are having trouble comprehending the question, they might change the language of the question. Students should begin answering the questions once they have grasped the question’s meaning, but they must keep in mind that time is of the essence. If JEE Main applicants are unsure about the answer, they should skip that question and go on to the next one.

        • Read the whole question before attempting

          Solve problems for free in the JEE Main online mock exams 2021 to get practice tackling questions like the best JEE Main scorers. Some questions on exam day may be quite long and may not display on the screen at the same time. When you get long questions on the day of your exam, don’t forget to read the entire question by scrolling down with your mouse.

          • Pay attention to the numerical values

            You may solve JEE practice exams and JEE Mains Mock tests online to practice numerical questions. You’ll be practicing calculations on the rough sheet on the day of your JEE Exam, so be sure you’re recording the proper values. One incorrect value might result in an erroneous answer, resulting in negative marking and wasted effort.

            • Move on to the next question if you’re not sure about the answer

              To finish the paper fast, you may choose the incorrect choice and lose marks. Remember that you may schedule a time to return and answer any questions you may have missed. JEE Main Mock examinations might be really beneficial if you are concerned about time management. To increase your speed and accuracy while taking the JEE Main CBT, do the sample tests and go over the test analysis.

              • Do not peek at the timer every few minutes

                During the exam, a timer (Time Left) will be displayed on the computer screen for your convenience. It can make you jittery and uneasy at times, so try not to think about it too much when answering the questions. Just make sure you allow adequate time for each component according to the schedule.

                • If you have any doubts, revisit the question

                  If you have any doubts after answering the question, use the “Save & Mark for Review” option to mark it for review. This option alters the colour of the question number in the right-hand question template. If you have time in the end, go through the question again.

                  Don’t worry about anything else once you’re in front of the computer and the JEE Main test starts. There is nothing further you need to do on the day of the JEE Main computer-based examination if you have completed enough online mock examinations at home. So follow these tips while attending the JEE Computer based test at home and ace the JEE Main computer-based exam confidently.

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