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Know All About Highest Paying Remote Jobs: Complete Guide

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Highest-paying remote jobs 2022

Long gone are those days when remote working was an impossible dream. After the worldwide lockdown due to the deadly virus Corona, it has now become a cool working culture. So if you are someone who is looking for the highest paying remote jobs and want to earn money from the comfort of your couch. Then we have got you covered.

There was a time when people instantly denied the idea of freelancing or a home-based job when somebody mentioned it. It was considered a scam since we heard that the job is all about working in cubicles. Further, earning money from home was instantly linked to idiotic stuff or unethical activities. But things have changed now; the inception of remote working culture has given new meaning to working culture. The job is no longer a mundane activity; it can be really fun. One can be at their job while exploring mountains or spending time at the beach; remote working culture has given meaning to a boring workstyle.

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So without wasting any more time, let’s unroll all the details about the highest-paying remote jobs.

Top 5 Highest-Paying Remote Jobs 2022 – With Degree

It is very easy to land a lucrative job if you have skills or a degree. Here in this section, we will discuss the best remote jobs in 2022.

  1. UI/UX Designer

We live in a digital world where every second physical store owner is switching toward the online platform, which increases the demand for skilled UI/UX designers. According to the studies, the average salary of a UI/UX designer is $91,990, which is more than enough to survive. However, to pass this criterion, one must have a bachelor’s degree either in computer science or graphic design. The job responsibility revolves around using their analytical and theoretical skills in developing a user-friendly platform, application, or website for their customers.

  1. Network Engineer

The second highest paying remote job is a network engineer. Running a corporation or business is not an easy task, and to run the business smoothly, organizations rely on network engineers because of their thirst to solve problems. Their work is to maintain all the business computer networks and rectify the problem as soon as it strikes. The average salary of a network engineer is $90,926, and to get a high remote paying job, you need to have a degree in information technology.

  1. Front-End Software Engineer

If you love programming languages like java, c++, etc., you can land a decent job in this field. These are the software professionals that work with back-end engineers and designers. Their job is to create a high-end user interface using the programming language. Other than this, individuals must have a good command over people skills since they have to deal with multiple people simultaneously. The average salary of a front-end software engineer is $111,377. These individuals must be proficient in languages like javascript and HTML. Further, a bachelor’s degree in computer science is a huge plus.

  1. Product Manager

Another highest-paying remote job on our list is a product manager. Every day there is a new launch happening; whether it is a new video game or a gadget, the role of a product manager is to make sure the launch of a product happens smoothly. They are the ones who look after all the processes from ground zero to the final level. Their duty involves making strategic decisions that ensure the success of the new product. The work of a product manager requires a lot of effort and responsibilities, so the person applying for this job must have good managerial skills. The average salary of a product manager is $94,704. One must have a degree in product engineering and design. Also, a marketing experience would greatly benefit individuals applying for this home-based job in 2022.

  1. Back-End Software Engineer

Lastly, we have a back-end software engineer that works behind the curtains. Their work is to manage all the system-related data and make sure the server works fine. They look after the back-end activity of the application or website. The person doing this job must have an eye for detail and good problem-solving skills. A bachelor’s degree in computer science is important, plus a good command of languages like Ruby and PHP is important. The average salary of a back-end software engineer is $126,880.

These are just some of the highest-paying jobs. Further, if you are a recently graduated or a fresher with no remote experience, you can also apply for these jobs. Other than this, the jobs that are gaining a lot of attention these days are:

  1. Remote Content Writer

Since most businesses are running online, content writing has become a multi-dollar industry. The first requirement if you want to increase the traffic to your website or bring conversion is to have proper SEO. And SEO is nothing without content writing. That’s why businesses invest dollars in hiring remote content writers. It has been reported that the average content writer earns around $50,000 to $70,000 in a year.

  1. Remote Virtual Assistant Manager

This job has come in demand after the COVID. Due to the shutdown, people were forced to use online platforms for ordering essentials and groceries. This has increased the traffic to websites, and to manage the traffic and solve public problems in real-time, businesses have started looking for candidates that can assist their customers from the comfort of their couch. The average salary of a virtual assistant manager is between $60,000 to $125,000.

  1. Remote Developer

Developers are also in demand. Not only small and medium-size businesses prefer to go with freelancers or remote developers to resolve their queries. It seems convenient to them, but it also allows the developer to earn money from a different client. The average developer earns between $75000 to $125000 in a year.

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How To Land Lucrative Remote Paying Jobs in 2022?

This is the question of an hour, and the answer is pretty simple: keep yourself active on online job portals like LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. Further, you won’t get a good home-based job if you have a simple resume. Your work speaks volumes, and that’s why it is a must to have a cover letter, portfolio, and resume describing all your achievements. Before applying to a company, research it a bit and then make changes accordingly in your resume so your odds of getting a shortlist would be enhanced. And it is best to apply for multiple jobs at a time, so if things don’t work out at one place, you can hope for something good from the next. If you get shortlisted, then be ready for an interview.

Final Takeaway

That’s it! Remote jobs have this odd feeling. You are no longer stuck in your cubicles; remote jobs allow you to work from anywhere. And this is the reason why most businesses are considering it. There is no denying that remote opportunities are endless, and if you are thinking about it, then it is surely the best time to jump into the remote work culture.

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