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Experience of Heaven- The Valley of Flower, Uttarakhand

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The mesmerizing view and the scent that flows in the air give relief from the busy lifestyle. If you need that adorable experience you must visit the Paradise of the Himalayas- The Flower Valley Trek, Uttarakhand. The trek is one of the most popular and oldest treks in the core of the Himalayas. The sacred was founded in 1982 and recognized as a world heritage site in 2002. The region is popular for its varied flora and fauna.

Quick Overview of Trek

If you are looking forward to planning this trek from Rishikesh the distance of the trek will be approximately 269 km. You can easily avail any cab facility or Tempo traveler from Rishikesh to Poolna. After you reach Poolna the hiking starts from Ghangaria to Valley of Flowers and back which is 3.7 kms each way and if you want to hike more you can continue your trekking Ghangaria To Hemkund Sahib and back which is almost 6 kms each way.

You will go through the total of 9.7 Kms of Trek. The trek is of almost 6 days and if you are planning for the Week Offbeat trek this is the best. The best season of trekking and hiking to the Flower Valley is from July to September. Although it is categorized as a ‘moderate’ trek.

Why go for this Trek?

The beautiful view of the sacred place in the lap of the Himalayas will actually make you full of life. The colorful flowers cling onto the valley with a sweet fragrance that makes the view of the valley more magical.

The whole valley is carpeted by the different colors and species of the flower. The valley is endowed with 520 species of flora and fauna in which 498 are the flowering plant. The valley includes Poppies, Primilas, Orchids, Calendula, Daisies, Marigold, Lilies and several others.

This valley is not only popular for the Flora but also for the fauna as well. The Valley contains the 13 species of mammals which includes Himalayan Musk Deer, Himalayan Tahr, Flying Squirrel, Red Fox and others.

All together it makes the valley splendid and vibrant which attracts more and more tourists and trekkers towards itself.


DOs and DON’Ts while Trekking to The Valley of Flower

While Trekking to the Valley of Flower it is mandatory to all of the trekkers and tourist to carry the copy of Photo ID proof  with themselves for the purpose of entry in Forest Check Post while trekking.

At the base camp you will find the cloakroom facilities for the excessive luggage. Be sure to not leave any luggage, valuable items and personal belongings in the cloakroom.

No worries about the strays you will get at the lodge throughout your trek but the availability of the rooms per person will depend upon the availability of the rooms at that time.

Just make yourself relaxed and enjoy the pleasant view of the carpet of flowers and the mountains covered with snow. Let’s Trek to the Himalayas !

Final Thoughts

All in all, Valley of Flowers National Park is a fantastic choice to enjoy your summer vacation with your beloved family and friends. if you are new to trekking, then it will be a pure joy to experience something adventurous, which is necessary to feel alive. Consequently, snatch the opportunity to visit this heaven and get the significant experience of a lifetime.

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