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Individual Liberty & Privacy In META 1 Coin

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META 1 Coin

Our traditional financial system has eroded our liberty as well as privacy protections. The majority of the public information is being monitored, stored, and used by various central systems like government and banks. With a plethora of financial networks undermining the privacy and freedom of individuals, META 1 Coin’s private structure may sound unusual to many people. In comparison to mainstream digital coins and other cryptocurrencies like Ether and Bitcoin, META 1 Coin is primarily focused on freedom and abundance.

META 1 Coin has a potentially greater limit to reduce the erosion of privacy and liberty. Although META 1 Coin’s blockchain technology facilitates trusted and transparent transactions using a decentralized and peer-to-peer network, it also finds some exclusively creative ways to negate the effect of the government’s invasions on the individual’s life and finances. To date, META 1 Coin Trust is actively finding new ways to reach its mission of “Coin for Humanity”.

So, what are these creative ways? How do they actually work? In this post, we are going to discuss all such things that arefacilitating privacy and liberty in META 1 Coin.

Here we go!


The majority of people are still unaware of the fact that much of their activities are monitored, tracked, stored, as well as sold for advertising in the name of “Big Data”. In such a condition when your privacy and freedom have no value for the central system, it becomes extremely pivotal to safeguard them as much as possible.

Having taken consideration into this matter, META 1 Coin has launched a project known as ‘Utopia’. It is a peer-to-peer ecosystem specifically designed to shut off the eagle eyes and censorship of the third parties. As per the website, project Utopia was designed to achieve “fundamental respect for, and protection of, individual freedom and liberty online.”

Following are the unique features of Utopia that protect individuals’ liberty and privacy:

  • Guaranteed Freedom Of Speech: One can communicate whatever they want whenever they want, and with whoever they want.
  • Anonymity: One can easily self-host websites that are resistant to censorship. Moreover, one can register in META exchange without any need to provide a form of identification and one can assure that their IP addresses would not be tracked.
  • Automated Withdrawals: The Utopia-fed decentralized exchange allows individuals to withdraw automatically, that too, with no limits.
  • Other Important Features: Utopia offers some of the most useful features like a forum, a file-sharing server, as well as a private digital currency called Crypton (CRP).
  • Private Exchange: META EXCHANGE

META EXCHANGE is a part of METANOMICS, the financial ecosystem of META 1 Coin Trust. Fully integrated with 10 major markets, META EXCHANGE is a commercial trading facility that ensures immense liquidity across the marketplaces.

As the entire trust operates in a “Private Jurisdiction”, META EXCHANGE ensures to protect the privacy and liberty of its coin holders. This simply means that META 1 Coin does not come under any state or federal jurisdiction and hence, it does not accept any kind of contracts from such parties. Moreover, no such party can attempt to defame or interfere to stop the advent of digital assets through any kind of legal weapon.

The exchange creates PIIT (Private Irrevocable International Trust), which ensures that all of its coin holders are interacting with a real human and not with a fictional character created by a state. Once an individual joins the META 1 Coin’s Private Jurisdiction, he/she automatically possesses the private status to have legal protection in terms of privacy.

Universal Law

The Universal Law of META 1 Coin Trust has beautifully catalyzed to achieve the social mission. Therefore, fostering freedom, equity, and abundance for humanity. Years of materialistic consumerism have increased individuals’ personal debts. Those who come from challenging financial backgrounds have found it quite hard to meet up their stagnant wages. Therefore, with the rising inflation in the market.

No wonder why foreclosures and bankruptcies are prominently rising day by day. The financial system enslaves the people. They hardly permit individuals to keep their heads above inflation. The banks and government legally entering into the financial lives of their citizens. It done through legal contracts is not a new concept. The moment a child is born, the authority issue a birth certificate and grant citizenship to the person. It’s by automatically enforcing him/her to enter into a legal contract. This automatically allows the government to enforce its laws and regulations on that individual. So, this becomes a legally enforceable contractual relationship.

This contractual status existing between a country and its citizen. It is usually beneficial for the various political parties and ruling authorities. However, the people who do not possess cadres of attorneys or large fortunes remain beyond grasping the benefits.

To make such legal tools more accessible to the masses. That too, in an affordable manner. META 1 Coin created its most effective legal arm, Universal Law. It acts as a great tool to facilitate freedom, privacy, abundance, and equity.

The two most important legal tools of META 1 Coin’s Universal Law are:

  • Secured Party Creditor Status: This status provides individuals multi-faceted protection from unintended contractual relationships that exist in the old financial system. Since all citizenship is fictional and does not exist in a natural form. (they create status via a birth certificate as well as by providing citizenship). The secure status of Party Creditor represents the basic form of human existence without any designation of title.

In technical terms, being a Secured Party Creditor, you can easily transact in commerce. Therefore, without using your acquired fictional status of citizenship or any legal bounding of a state’s jurisdiction.

  • Secured Party Creditor + Private Non-Statutory Trust: The second most important legal tool offered by META 1 Coin’s Universal Law is a perfect amalgamation of Secured Party Creditor and Private Non-Statutory Trust. This tool is simply an extension of Secured Party Creditor status. Therefore, it provides ultimate anonymity for legally engaging in commercial transactions.https://ideaschedule.com/

META 1 Coin truly operates as a jurisdiction-less project and its Utopia, Universal Law. And META EXCHANGE leaves no stone unturned to protect individuals’ liberty and privacy. The trust is diligently working to overreach the attempts made by the government agencies. Its to interfere with civil liberties and privacies. And as META 1 Coin Trust is actively fighting for freedom, abundance, equity, and liberty. It will benefit humanity certainly to a large extent.

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