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How to print W2 forms in QuickBooks step by step

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print W2 forms in QuickBooks

When there are numbers of employees involved in your business, the employer issues W2 form to the employee, whose salary is above $600. W2 forms are the reflection of the payments and taxes of any person.

You have to submit your W2 form on time. QuickBooks has this feature, where you can easily create and print the w2 form. Therefore, QuickBooks gives you an alert message too, regarding your tax filing.

In this article we will discuss W2 forms, how you can print it in QuickBooks, in detail.

What is the W2 form?

Form W2 is the document related to the employee. Therefore, the employer has to send to the IRS(Internal Revenue services) at the end of every year. It is the overall report of the salary of an employee. It is a way to track employee’s tax.

W2 form tells about the total earnings of an employee along with the amount deducted for tax. It is also called the Wage and Tax Statement.

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Who files the W2 forms and what statement it includes?

Each employer who gives a salary above $600, would send the W2 form to the IRS at the end of the year , which is usually before 31 of January , so that the employee files their taxes before the deadline.

Therefore, the W2 forms have a common field, which the employee has to fill in, like, employee id, social security number, total salary, etc.

Employers send this form to the IRS. However, if the details do not match the employee, the IRS will audit the salary details of that person.

 When an employee files a tax, the tax is deducted according to the amount mentioned in W2 form.

Creation of W2 forms in QuickBooks:

For creating w2 form in QuickBooks, follow these steps –

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Select Employees, w2 and payroll tax form
  • Click on the payroll form.
  • Then click on the Annual w2 form statement.
  • Next you have to click on create.
  • Fill up the information such as year for which you want to create W2 form
  • Click on OK.
  • QuickBooks asks for permission. grant it.
  • And your W2 form has been downloaded.

Printing W2 form in QuickBooks

After creating the W2 form, now it’s time for printing. So, Let’s check out how you can print W2 forms in QuickBooks.

Prerequisite for printing W2 form in QB

Before printing, these are some prerequisites.

  • Printer
  • Black ink
  • W2 paper for form
  • Subscription from QuickBooks

1.Printing W2 in QuickBooks Desktop

We have already mentioned how to create a W2 form. When you have successfully created a form, then click on submit and continue.

  1. Click on print.
  2. It will ask for review, if you want to review, then go ahead otherwise continue with your printing.
  3. Final submission for print.

Choose paper for printing

Now you have to choose paper, blank or pre-printed paper.

  • Select blank paper
  • Select W2 copies, B,2, C.
  • Print the form.

2.Printing W2 form in QuickBooks Online

These are the steps for printing w2 form online –

  • Open QuickBooks Online
  • Go to the taxes option.
  • Select payroll tax.
  • When you click on payroll tax, here comes the option of annual forms. Choose it.
  • You get two options here, all employees or specific employees, choose according to your need.
  • Select paper and then give the command to print.

Export and printing of W2 form :-

If you want to print out your form in PDFs, simply click on Print PDF. your form will be exported to the PDF reader, then select file and print it.

Reprinting W2 form in QuickBooks:-

If you want to reprint your W2 form or you want to replace employee’s name, follow these steps –

  1. Open your QuickBooks and go to the employees.
  2. Then click on the payroll center.
  3. Now select file form.
  4. A payroll PIN option appears, enter your PIN and click Ok.
  5. Then go to the W2 form of all years.
  6. Here you have a complete list of your forms.
  7. Click on the employee’s name (which you wanted), a reprint option appears.
  8. Click on it and your form will be reprint.
  9. If you want to replace an employee’s name. then select Edit, replace the name and then reprint the form


QuickBooks has made accounting an easy task. It keeps an eye on all your finances. However, while using QuickBooks, you have not to worry about your taxes, payments, and bills.

In this article, we try to explain to you one of the features of QuickBooks, how you can easily print w2 form. W2 form is very important for you, if you are taxpayer

QuickBooks sends reminders to you regarding your tax, bills etc. this make the best reason for using QuickBooks, if you are a taxpayer

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