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How To Learn About Fritzbox Wireless WiFi Router

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Wireless WiFi Router

The fritzbox wifi router comes with the latest wireless technology 11ac, by which you can seamlessly enjoy its wireless network. It is the answer to all wireless networks. This router supports all network devices like computers, tablets, laptops, wifi security cameras, wireless printers, network-attached storage devices, mobile. It easily connects without any hitch, wired or wirelessly. Ordinarily, the fritzbox wireless wifi router comes with many technologies. Such as dual-band technology, flash technology, mu-Mimo technology, OFDMA technology, etc. . While using dual-band network technology. This delivers a better wireless network with a 5 GHz frequency network. If you want to play the gaming console and part you can seamlessly enjoy 4K videos. Then utilize the 5 GHz frequency band by the wireless setting.

With the fritzbox wifi router WPS button, the trouble-free fritz.box setup, within 4-5 minutes. With its IP address, you can easily get the login page without any hassle. This wifi router easily connects the network device and easily covers all the area of your home. This wifi network range goes to every corner of your home and seamlessly enjoys 4K videos without any lag.

Some features of the fritzbox wireless wifi router

The fritzbox wifi router has more network coverage. It covers all the areas like the room to the kitchen, kitchen to the lawn. If you want to get a stable wifi network with fritzbox and properly use the fritzbox. Then you need to know the fritzbox features.

1.  2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency band

The fritz box wifi router has a dual-band feature. This band utilizes 2 frequencies like 2.4 and 5 GHz. By using this frequency it provides an amazing wireless network in the entire home. Some other routers feature only a single band, which does not provide an amazing signal. And you can’t stream 4k videos. If you take the benefit of dual-band then you can switch this band. If you want to switch the band then you navigate the router wireless setting. But for this, you can log in to the fritzbox wireless wifi router account. Login with its IP address and web address. Thus, It’s completely your choice. Now, select the wireless setting and easily switch the frequency band by your choices like 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

2.  Mu-mimo technology

The fritzbox wireless wifi router has a feature mu-mimo technology. This technology allows connecting more network devices simultaneously. The fritzbox router has the capacity to connect up to 20 networking devices. For Example many mobile phones, laptops, PC, game consoles, smart TVs, printers, and others. However, This router delivers an unbelievable wireless network to all devices. Therefore, Very few routers have this feature. That’s why they are not able to connect to many networking devices. If you have to get a router for a lot of networking devices then you can get a Fritzbox router. As it has the size to connect multiple devices at once.

3.  Support 4 LAN port and 2 WAN port

The fritzbox wireless wifi router comes with 4 LAN ports and 2 LAN ports. You can easily make a wired connection with networking devices. However, Many other routers come without a LAN port that you can’t make a wired connection with the router. If you search for a router, which easily makes a wired connection. Together with 4 devices then you can use the fritzbox wifi router. On the backside of the fritzbox, you can find 4 LAN ports. By using this LAN port and easily connecting a game console, smart TVs, laptop, PC at once. Therefore, By using 2 WAN ports and easily connecting the network-attached storage device and printer with the dual-band fritzbox router.

4.  Simple setup  with WPS button

The fritzbox wireless wifi router comes with many buttons like power, reset, WLAN, WPS, DECT. If you take a full wifi network signal then you can do the setup of the fritzbox wifi router. You can easily set up the router via the WPS button. Also, You can use the WPS button and easily set up the fritzbox with the range extender. Therefore, After connecting the range extender the wifi network range of the fritzbox is unbelievable. It covers long-area and delivers stable wireless network signals without any lag. You can use the fritz box IP address and securely set it up without any obstacles.

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