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How to Make A Good Tutorial Video

by ideaschedule
A Good Tutorial Video

Doing a good tutorial video from the beginning will save you a lot of time and effort. This you can invest in doing what you like the most.

We do many tutorial videos for our youtube channel so we are going to present you with a series of steps that you may follow to make your tutorial video a masterpiece.

What tutorial video am I going to do?

The answer seems obvious what I want to teach. But we must be very careful with the choice of how we want to show it.

And it is not the same to do a tutorial video of something manipulative. Such as an experiment, to do it with a tool that requires an electronic device.

The way of recording it will change a lot. Also, if our case is the first, we will use a camera of the highest possible quality and a tripod. It points to what we want to show.

But if what we want to teach is the device. We will use a program that records everything we do on the screen.

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Please don’t jump into the pool (it may be empty)

If you are going to do a tutorial video, it is very important that you try it first. So take some time to think about the different parts that you are going to divide the tutorial video.

The steps that you are going to follow. Also, check that everything works as you expect. Knowing how to react now is better than having to edit a million times later.

In the same way that you have verified that everything works correctly, you must also make a script telling what you are going to do.

To do this, I recommend that you make a mind map with the main ideas that have to appear in the tutorial video and then join them together.

In planning, there is something very important that they should take into account, and that is that those who go to see your tutorial video do not know anything, or at least not what you do. Therefore, please do not take anything for granted. It is preferable to tell more to stay scarce and that your tutorial video is worthless.

Also, see by keeping an eye on the clock and that your tutorial video does not go to more than 15 minutes. Remember that if you want to teach something, your audience cannot be asleep on the computer keyboard.

Lights Camera action

In that order, if your hands are going to appear, that everything you do looks good. Also with enough light, if the image is too dark, use two facing lamps that will help you eliminate unwanted shadows. Since our tutorial video will shine with its own light.

Also, check that your camera gives you the quality you are looking for. Normally that of almost any Smartphone will be worth it, but very important, we must always record horizontally.

Now that you have everything prepared, it is time to start the recording. For this, follow the script that you had done before and that everything you do looks good on camera.

I recommend that you do the voiceover part of your tutorial video later when you are editing the video because if in any step you make a mistake saying something and you have already done that in the video, you will have to disassemble it and record again.

Here are some extra tips: If you are going to record your hands and the video is very long, introduce some cuts in which you go out from the front and explain the steps you have taken so far. With this, you will ensure that your viewers do not tire of seeing your hands.

On the other hand, if what you are doing is a tutorial video recorded from a device. You can record yourself before starting to explain what you will do. So your viewers will not see your screen all the time and will connect better with you.

The magic of editing

It is time to eliminate all the possible mistakes that we have made and begin with the speech of our tutorial video.

For this task, you can use a large number of video editing programs such as Final Cut and Adobe Premiere for the most passionate and willing to go through the box or VSDC, Openshot, FlexClip, or iMovie, for which we want to comment and not spend a penny.

During the editing process, the first thing we have to do is eliminate everything that we do not want to appear in our video. Either because it has not turned out as we expected. That’s because it seems that we are hesitating.

Now that we have all the unnecessary scenes removed. It is time to take the video and loculate it, that is, record our voice to later put it in the video. I recommend that you do it like this. since in this way you will already know which scenes have been eliminated. Also, you will be able to voice the tutorial video much better.

The audio recording is very important. As well as the video quality, that is why we must get a good microphone. Also, with a lapel one collected from the computer or mobile will be worth it. But I recommend doing a couple of tests before not talking too much high not too low.

It is time to see if something has not been clear in the video, make a spoken clarification, but try not to put text. Viewers will not have time to see you, hear you and read you.

Get your video out of the oven

Once you have everything ready, please take a look at your video again to be sure that you have not missed anything. Even before taking it out of the editing program, show it to someone else. Perhaps he will see something that you have overlooked.

When rendering the video, we will find a very heavy file. So I recommend that you compress it using a video compression tool such as HandBrake. This will allow us to send our video or share it on the internet. Therefore, without our viewers taking five years to see the full tutorial video.

Finally, pass the video to someone who does not know anything at all about what you are talking about. And also who will tell you if, thanks to your tutorial video. They have managed to understand what you wanted to convey.

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