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Build a popular voice chat app for the marketplace in 2021

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Voice Chat App
voice chat app

With digital communications accelerating each day, investment in building a voice chat app seems to make sense.

Given the era of quick conversations, real-time communication with your customers can level up your business growth. In this article, we shall discuss the best ways to craft a live voice chat app for your business. Read on.

Why is it beneficial to create a voice chat app for the marketplace?

Let us understand some of the best benefits of building a voice chat app. 

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Builds connection between buyers and sellers 

In-app voice chat helps you establish meaningful connections between buyers and sellers. This allows you to develop an efficient demand-supply network. Buyers and sellers can communicate conveniently without any hassles. 

Ensures better business credibility

A transparent and effective communication system helps you gain the trust of your customers. It boosts user experience and helps your customers comprehend your products and services better. 

Accelerates conversions 

The better the communication strategies, the better are the conversions. When your customers can navigate through your platform without any communication hindrance, it is more likely that they will buy your product or service. Voice chat functions like notifications keep the conversation moving. This way, your users are always connected with you. 

Ensure right communication via in-app voice chat for marketplaces 

There are various ways of striking the perfect communication approach with your customers. All you need is to build a voice call app. Here is a list of some important features that can step up your communication process. 

Avoid communication gaps with efficient indicators

There are numerous efficient features that you should consider including in your app. Some of them being push notifications, typing indicators, read receipts, and many more.

These features help you keep up with your customers without fail. Such indicators help you stay connected 24*7 and remove all kinds of barriers between you and your customers. 

Build a voice chat app for a marketplace that supports group calling 

Group calling is something that every customer looks up to. It is a quick way of conducting a conversation with various people at the same time. So, it is always advisable to include the multiple participation feature in your voice chat app. 

Add customizable functions to boost engagement 

Personalization is the key to winning your customer’s heart. It is essential to focus on developing custom features to engage better with your customers. Hence, try to add customizable functions that suit your customer’s communication requirements. 

Craft a voice call app for a marketplace that supports voice conference scheduling

Voice conference scheduling helps you reach multiple people at a time. Make sure to add the announcement message feature to your app. It helps save time on conducting the same type of communication all over again. Moreover, it helps you engage with a larger audience at a single point in time. 

Simple steps to build a real-time voice chat application 

Are you wondering how to create a voice chat app? Don’t worry. We can help you. We are here with some easy steps to create a real-time voice chat app. Please have a look at the points mentioned below: 

Perform research 

Studying the market before starting the app development process is always advisable. You need to understand the pain points of your consumer and then craft your app that addresses all their requirements. Conduct thorough research on their demographics and behavioral patterns. 

Choose the right features for your voice chat app 

It is essential to include the right features and functions in your app to boost its popularity. Try to add features that support instant real-time communication solutions. Some of the best functions that you can add to your app are servers or channels for community chats, instant texting, push notifications and alerts, call records, group calls, social media integration, and many more by integrating voice APIs and SDKs. 

Select the most suitable technological stack 

It is important to choose your technological stack wisely for supporting seamless communications. You need to select your programming language, front-end servers, back-end servers, and others carefully. You can leverage WebRTC for crafting your app as it has efficient APIs. Use C++, Elixir, or Ruby for targeting larger audiences. Make sure to support privacy via end-to-end encryption. 

Hire a development team

Professional expertise is indispensable when it comes to building the right voice chat app. The development team should be able to perform business analysis, plan a technical specification, estimate the development cost, and other important activities. 

Popular apps to study before you create a live voice chat app for your business

Contus MirrorFly 

It is the #1 enterprise communication solution that can be leveraged by diverse industries. Contus MirrorFly helps you integrate highly secured voice calling APIs and SDKs into any device or platform. Therefore, It has a powerful programmable API that helps you connect various devices and enjoy unlimited audio calling. MirrorFly has a team of 300+ expert voice call API developers and diverse hosting options that can help you build the right app for your business. 

MirrorFly is 100% customizable and audio encrypted. Experience multiple exciting features such as one-to-one conversations, group calls, text to speech feature, speech recognition, voice call kit, multi-user conferencing, audio conference scheduling, and a lot more.

Send bird 

Send bird is a state-of-the-art communication API that gives way to high-quality audio chats and calls. Therefore, You can perform direct and group audio calls without lag, experience secure and compliant voice chat and communications, and many more. However, Get one-on-one texting, group chat, audio chats, thumbnail generation, delivery receipt, and offline messaging. Hence, It promotes the idea of customizable services and has numerous purchase plans based on business requirements.


Twilio helps you build a scalable voice experience. Some features by Twilio such as Interactive Voice Response, recording transcriptions, and others make way for smooth audio communications. You can also avail of functions such as call tracking, embedded calling, and global conferencing with Twilio.


Vonage can provide you with communication solutions to build your voice chat app. It has a programmable voice API and is WebRTC enabled. Moreover, Vonage is highly secured and protects your privacy concerns.


The signal is a popular communication platform. It is generally utilized for instant messaging. It is powered by end-to-end encryption and keeps your communication secured. You can share voice messages, photos, GIFs, and other file documents. Moreover, it allows you to experience group chats and calls with co-workers. Efficient communication within the team can lead to better business flow.

Build a voice chat app for the marketplace and boost your business reach 

Efficient communication is the first step to building a long-term relationship with any customer. Therefore, A secure, reliable, and well-functioning voice chat app can help you establish the best connection with your customers. When your audience can seamlessly interact with your app, it leads to enhanced customer satisfaction. More customer satisfaction more is the sales of your product or service. 

We hope that our article helped you understand the different ways and strategies to build a real-time voice chat app. Make sure to analyze the best voice chat apps and APIs before starting your app development process. It will help you gain a fair idea about the best features to include in your app. 

So, what are you waiting for? Kick start your voice chat app-building journey now. Therefore, Give way to top-notch communication solutions and expand your business reach.

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