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A Quick And Detailed Guide To Chat SDK

by ideaschedule
A quick guide to chat SDK

In today’s digital dominant world, quick communication is something that everyone looks forward to.

Things like instant messaging and video conferencing help people engage in fast and hassle-free conversations.

In this article, we are going to talk about A quick guide to chat SDK or Software Development Kit that makes instant messaging easier via powerful slash commands.

What is a Chat SDK?

Chat SDK or Software Development Kit tends to empower the instant messaging systems on your Android app, iOS app, or website.

It comes with different chat attachments such as GIFs, stickers, emojis, video conferencing, and many more engaging integrations. Chat SDK  helps build a robust and efficient communication system.

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Things To know About  Chat SDK

•The best thing Added in a quick guide of chat SDK is that Chat SDK like is an open-source platform and offers you complete information about the user’s data.

•It comes with a suite of tutorials and useful instructions that can help you develop your instant messaging system.

•Moreover, it provides you with end-to-end control of all setup codes and faster integration facility with enhanced UI framework. Be it live chats, audio calls, video chats, video games, or others – chat SDK has got it all covered.

Popular Features of Chat SDK for Web, Android and iOS

Have you been planning to get a Chat SDK android, iOS or web systems? Before choosing your chat SDK, it is important to comprehend the best features that are indispensable for any efficient SDK. Let’s take a closer look at those crucial features.

1.Public chat rooms

Chat SDK helps you create public conversation rooms. Also, you get access to numerous in-built chat themes. This helps you set up themes for different chats according to their topic of discussion.

2. Private and group chat rooms 

With an efficient Software Development Kit, you can create private and group chat rooms. And the best part is that there is generally no limitation to the number of participants in group chats. In fact, you can also directly add participants to personal chats by sending invitations.

3. Functions across all devices

The best feature about any good SDK is its ability to run on different platforms such as android,  iOS, and web browsers. A well-structured SDK should be compatible with all kinds of devices.

4.Flexible Login Feature

One of the best features of SDK is that it allows you to log in not only as an admin but also as an anonymous user.  However, one thing that you need to make sure of is to authenticate your current server with a custom authentication system.

5.Push notification function

SDK keeps you updated on all your chat rooms via the push notification feature. This way, it reduces the scope of missing any message. You can also utilize different notification tones for different notifications such as sent messages, received messages, media downloads, and others.

6.Multiple chat options

An efficient SDK supports different kinds of chat formats such as messaging, audio calling, video conferencing, location sharing, and others. Moreover, it provides you with easy integrations such as GIFs, stickers, and emojis to enhance your conversation style.

7.Growth measurement metric

One of the valuable features of chat SDK is that it allows you to evaluate your growth over a specific time period such as a week, month, or even a year.

8.Well-defined user profiles

A good SDK allows you to build and expand user profiles by integrating them with custom metadata for every user.

9.Message backup option

Chat SDK  helps you to store all conversations via an efficient cloud backup system. You can also synchronize and retrieve all valuable data across different devices and platforms.

10.Complete source code

Chat SDK provides you with complete source code as a license holder. Therefore, The best part about the source code is that it is well-documented and can be easily modified.

11.Complete data access

With chat SDK, you get full control over the app including client source code, message data, and others.

Why Should you Consider Building an App with Chat SDK?

Efficient communication skills such as faster engagements and quick conversations are appreciated by consumers. They help in strengthening your business presence and establishing long-term relationships with your customers. Chat SDK helps you build efficient communications and collaborations and also, provides you with full control over all your conversations. Well-functional SDKs make your app easy to use and interact with, thereby, boosting consumer satisfaction. A quick guide to chat SDK will help you know everything basic things included in it.

How Much Time does it take To Create a Real-time Chat App?

The more familiar you are with chat SDKs, the faster you can build your app. First, you need to configure the essential components of the SDK. Then, you would be required to include a registration section, customized profile option and instant messaging. The next step involves the configuration of video and voice calls, media sharing, push notifications, and other crucial features. You can then get started with your base application to comprehend and check its functionalities better. After this, you can integrate other essential recommendations into your app. For instance, you can leverage a video chat SDK to build your own white label chat app.

Top Chat SDK Providers

In fact, Building a top-notch real-time chat app requires the most efficient Software Development Kit. However, We are here with a list of some of the best chat SDK service providers. Let’s delve into each of them one by one.

1.CONTUS MirrorFly – Best Chat SDK Provider

#1 rated enterprise communication solution with 1B+ conversations across web and mobile. MirrorFly chat SDK boasts of highly efficient features such as video conferencing, live broadcasting, SIP/VoIP calling, call recording, screen sharing, contact centers, and others. Therefore, It is 100% customizable and provides you with full access to source code, cloud hosting, enriched UI/UX, and other top-grade features. Most importantly, it has a robust security system with End-to-End Encryption, Signal Protocol, and others that keep your conversations secure.

2.Apphitect.ae – Complete In-App Chat Solution Provider

 With more than 1000 happy clients,  Apphitect can provide you with the perfect in-app chat solutions and can strengthen your engagement strategies. It is UAE’s leading app development SDK since 2008. With apphitect, you get access to in-class customizations for your app. To enhance customer satisfaction, apphitect provides services that are friendly with augmented reality and other leading technologies.

3.Cometchat  – Complete Chat Platform Provider

Cometchat simplifies text chat and video calling for your website and app. It is easy to implement and interact with. Moreover, it can be used across different verticals such as healthcare, education, ecommerce, gaming industry and others. Cometchat is cloud powered and has ready to use plugins. It also has open-source UI components. To know more about Cometchat, click here.


Chat SDKs are efficient sources that empower your chat applications and give way to world-class communications with customers. Therefore, An efficient chat SDK helps your application stand out from the crowd and build long-lasting customer relations. However, We hope our article helped you comprehend all the details regarding chat SDK. Consider the points discussed earlier and choose the best chat SDK provider for your chat application.

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