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Get the Best Paint Job Done Using Quality Paint Tools

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If you have finally decided to repaint your home or are going to paint it for the first time. You need to understand the essence of using a quality-proven paint tool.

It’s an old saying, “A good tool improves the way you work but a great tool improves the way you think”. Hence, you must never ignore the role of good quality and branded tools. Also, the equipment when delivering your imagination. Also, creativity to your walls using some best colors.

Tower tools are a leading supplier of the best quality paint tools in the UAE. Here you can get everything related to paint and painting tasks.

We know that quality is something that you never want to compromise. That is why you get the best quality paint from the market.

Then why compromise on paint tools only. They design and develop good quality paint tools representing some famous brands diligently. However, to offer maximum ease and flexibility in delivering smooth and quality finish on walls.

This post will discuss some must-have paint tools which you must consider buying from paint tool supplier like Towertools before starting with your painting task.

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Buy Sandpaper to Prepare Smooth Surface

Preparing a smooth surface before painting is the basic essence of a quality painting task. The smoother the surface will be, the better will be shine and gloss on your walls.

So you need to look for some fine quality sandpapers for this. You can choose between 180 to 220 grit sandpaper to remove the previous paint layer and make your walls smooth enough to support easy and hassle-free painting.

You can use PU Foam spray for infilling applications to endure a durable paint coat. Make sure that you take proper precautions while doing so.

Wear glasses and cover your mouth and nose using a face mask. Wear a hat/cap or simply cover your head with some bandanna to avoid fine particles of dust spoiling your hair.

Paint rollers to keep it Simple and Manageable

All prefer paint rollers these days for any type of painting task as they offer maximum convenience in delivering the painting task with absolute perfection.

Foam rollers are well to glide along smooth surfaces and offer a perfect finish on walls. Hence, you can easily explore the extensive range of premium quality paint rollers from Henchman. These are available in different sizes and materials.

A 7 to 9-inch foam roller will work best for your home painting task. Wooster, Stanley, and Nanja are some renowned brands that you can consider to ensure good quality rollers.

Spray paint tools are also in much demand these days due to the ease and flexibility offered by these tools to paint large surfaces.

Extension Poles to Reach out Every Corner

You can’t reach every corner and length of your walls when painting with a roller. An extension pole is an effective tool that will help you to reach higher areas in your home and deliver painting tasks with absolute flexibility.

A 6 to 12-feet extension pole will work best for your home painting task and will allow maximum convenience in painting high areas in your home. You can look for some Purdy or Wooster extension poles to ensure better quality and quality finish.

Drop Sheets to keep the Task Clean

Using good quality drop sheets will play an important role in keeping your painting task clean and easily manageable.

Simply place these drop sheets along with the walls on the floor and they will soak all the paint spills to keep your floor protected from paint spills.

A canvas drop sheet will work best for your home painting task as these are known well for absorbing the paint. Look for some thick and durable drop sheets which are easily washable also.

Paint Edger for Perfect finish

A paint edger is a handy tool to achieve clean edges around trims, baseboards, and other tricky areas where rollers can’t work smoothly.

Using an edger will allow you to remove the extra paint from the corners which you might have painted thickly. It will help you to get straight lines and deliver the painting task like a professional painter.

Meantone, Shoreline, and Strawbleag are some famous brands that you can consider while ordering a paint edger.

Re-usable Plastic Paint Tray

Plastic paint trays will offer immense flexibility in carrying out a painting task with the required speed and perfection.

These paint trays come in different sizes and materials but choosing a plastic paint tray will save you from any extra expenditure and can be washed and cleaned easily to keep them stored for a long period.

You can explore an extensive range of exclusive quality paint trays from Towertools. If you want to deliver a quality painting task, you have to use good quality paint tools to avoid any disappointment and delay in the task.

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