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Affordable Hostels in Italy for students in 2022

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Italian universities are the oldest universities in Europe. The universities offer world-class education and cutting-edge research opportunities. Italian Universities are respected and acknowledged around the world.

If you wish to study in Italy and are worried about how to locate reliable and safe accommodation we can help you. Some of the reliable and safe accommodation options in Italy are-

1. Bocconi University-

The University has eight residence halls. The residence halls are-

  • Bocconi Residence
  • Javotte Residence
  • Spadolini Residence
  • Dubini Residence
  • Isonzo Residence
  • Blingy Residence
  • Castiglioni Residence

Students are advised to submit the online application after their university’s application is accepted. The Bocconi application for residency starts from August to June. The residency offers facilities such as Cleaning/Linen Change, Utilities and internet, kitchens, laundry service, and water dispensers and vending machines. Students can request maintenance. They can place maintenance requests and the faulty furniture or equipment in the room will be replaced or repaired.

2.San Vittore 49-

is located in Milan. San Vittore 49 provides both shorter and longer durations options to students. San Vittore 49 provides seven different types of room options and a residence with double and single rooms.

If you wish to stay longer to pursue your education you can choose to opt for student residency. The accommodation will include a private air-conditioned room with a private bathroom.

Students have to share a kitchen with their roommates. The kitchen includes a large refrigerator, freezers, and personal cabinets. The accommodation also includes a study and relaxation room with an air conditioner and TV.


It is an interesting place to find accommodation options. Uniplaces provides accommodation options in various cities such as Milan, Bologna, Florence, Milan, Rome, and Turin.

Students can rent apartments, rooms, and studios. The rent for one room in Florence starts from EURO 910. Rents can vary due to location, size, and amenities.

4. Immobiliare-

is an online portal where you can rent, auction, and sell properties. Students can find various accommodation options in various cities in Italy. Users can evaluate the price of the property, see property prices and publish listings using this website.

5. Residenze polimi-

The residency provides an opportunity to socialize, interact, grow and develop. Residenze Polimi has seven residence halls in Milan, Lecco and Como.The requirements for enrolment in the residency are-

  • enrolment in a degree course
  • above the age of eighteen years
  • no outstanding debt

You can book accommodation by following these steps-

  • Fill an application form online
  • Check the availability, select the Hall of Residence, type of housing place, booking period, payment method, and mode of payment.
  • Once your booking is confirmed students are requested to pay the rent within twenty-four hours.
  • You must clearly mention the date and time you intend to check-in and the duration of your stay.


Students must remember that they must find accommodation options using reliable sites. You must not transfer any amount before evaluating and reading the contract papers. Every clause in the contract must be read and analyzed carefully before signing it.
If you wish to find an accommodation option that is closer to your pocket you must be ready to locate away from the major cities.
Before finalizing any accommodation option you must check reviews online.

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