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6 Best Things To Do In Perth, Australia

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When visiting Perth, Western Australia’s largest city, what are the greatest things to see and do? Make the most of your time in Perth by taking advantage of the suggestions we’ve provided for things to do and sights to see!

Perth, Western Australia’s capital and the country’s fourth-largest city after Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, has a population of over 2 million people. In the southwest corner of the huge island-continent of Australia, it is situated Perth.
With a population of over a million, is one of the world’s most distant megacities. While being closer to East Timor and Jakarta (Indonesia) than either Melbourne or Sydney. There are a number of beaches along the city’s coast that have evolved into beachfront towns where you may experience temperatures that are close to the Mediterranean. The Swan River has drenched these settlements. It’s the kind place for lovers, couples, kids, friends, and family and let you fall in love with once you get there. So, are you excited to go there? With out any doubt, start planning, book Singapore airlines reservations in any class and save up to 45% off on one-way & round trips on every flight. Take a look below to know more.

If you’re in Perth and looking for things to do, we’ve put together an estimated list of some of the city’s most popular attractions so that you can get the most out of your time there.

Mount Eliza is the name of the mountain

Located just east of Kings Park, Mount Eliza is a small hill. Visitors may enjoy a stunning view of the city from this hill and visit a variety of historical landmarks and museums, including the memorial to the troops who perished in the First World War, Kennedy’s Fountain, and the century-old Baobab tree.


If you’re looking to get a taste of a Western-style lifestyle, you may wander between the parks and the shops in the city Centre. The Barracks Arch and the Government House, two examples of 19th-century prison architecture, remain despite this. These provide a sharp contrast to Central Park’s modern design.

Perth’s Wildlife Park

In search of things to do in Perth? Look no further. You can go to the City of South Perth through the Narrows Bridge if you like watching tropical animals at Perth Zoo. There are almost 1,300 animals in the Perth Zoo, which is spread over 17 hectares and houses 164 different species. It initially opened in 1898 and today sees over 600,000 visitors a year.

Consider paying a visit to Fremantle

19 kilometers south of Perth is a tourist city worth visiting when in the vicinity of Perth. The Roundhouse, which was built in 1831 and is the oldest monument in Western Australia, is one of the oldest colonial buildings in the city. Convict labour was used to construct these structures. Take a detour into the colonial town, marina, and beaches of Perth if you’re looking for things to do in Perth. Examples include the Roundhouse, the Fremantle Market, the Fremantle Market, and the Fremantle Maritime Museum.

Rockingham Island and Penguin Island are two uninhabited islands

There are 14,159 people living in Rockingham, a town situated south of Perth and Fremantle. Carnac Island and Penguin Island, both situated off Shoal water Island Marine Park, are also accessible from Rockingham, where you may see sea lions and penguins in their native environments (the seaside park in Rockingham). Between Shoalwater Island Marine Park and Penguin Island, fine sand beaches that are washed by turquoise and crystalline waves may be found. These beaches are open to the public for swimming, as long as there are no sharks present. Island of Rottnest

As if visiting Perth without seeing Rottnest Island was like visiting Australia without visiting Ayers Rock or the Whitsundays to see the Great Barrier Reef: it would be regrettable. Rottnest Island is a must-see place while visiting Perth. Just 17 kilometers from Perth, this 19-square-kilometer island was formerly home to Aborigines and now boasts a permanent population of 300 people. The only way to travel about Rottnest Island is to rent a bicycle since driving a car is prohibited there. You’ll learn about limestone reefs and Chiselled coasts, salt lakes, and beautiful bays where you may swim and dive.

Explore the Swan Valley’s delectable food

The Swan River’s meandering bends surround the Swan Valley, which is located north of Perth. More than 40 wineries are located in this well-known wine region, each noted for producing great wines. In addition to taking advantage of the many wine tastings offered by local wineries, you should also try pairing local wines with regional food while you’re in the Swan Valley.


There are many things to see and do in Perth. In spite of the city’s 5,386-square-mile metropolitan area, most of the city’s must-see attractions are centered in the city Centre. If you have the choice of exploring the coast or the city’s interior. So, plan your extravagant holiday with AirlinesMap and get ready for a wonderful trip..!

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