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How to choose the best resort for your stay in Wayanad

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best resort for your stay in Wayanad

What can offer more peace and solace than the warm embrace of nature’s beauty? None in the world. Kerala known for its picturesque and mesmerizing landscapes is home to some of the most beautiful places on this planet. The land of Wayanad is one such place, located in the northeastern part of Kerala. With lush greenery, snow-clad mountains, soothing breezes, and a lively & tourist-friendly community, Wayanad is the perfect go-to destination to invigorate your senses and refresh your soul. With an abundance of great resorts, Wayanad offers a wide range of options that can well suit your budget and preferences, no matter what it is.

With such a wide range of options to choose from, it’s necessary to look at each option keenly. Below are some of the points you can keep in mind that can help you choose the best resort in Wayanad for a wonderful time in ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala.


Having a clear picture of the budget that you want to keep aside for your travel and stay is necessary. Transportation, food, sightseeing, and shopping activities are some of the areas that you can expect for money expenditure. Resorts offer packages with various inclusions and exclusions. Some may offer complimentary breakfast, some may include free sightseeing activities, and others may offer a free spa, etc. By taking into account what the resorts are offering and your budget planning & limits, you would be able to better choose a resort of your preference.

Location of the resort

One of the most important factors to look into when choosing a resort, is its location. If you are a person who is not very interested in traveling around a lot, then choosing a resort with a greater distance from your place of arrival/ residence won’t be a good idea at all, no matter how great the resort is. Take a good look at the location of the resort, the to and fro travel distance to the resort, the means of transport arranged by the resort, the distance of the resort from the nearby places that you would like to visit/ do sightseeing, etc.

Facilities of the resort

When checking options, make sure you have a detailed conversation regarding the facilities available and arranged at the resort. Gym, pool, spa services, daily housekeeping, free Wi-Fi, availability of concierge, entertainment activities, kids’ clubs, On-call doctor, etc are some of the facilities that are commonly offered by good resorts. Make sure that the resort you are intending to choose has all the facilities that you require and whether they are worth the money that is willing to spend.

Booking/ Refunding terms

One of the most important matters that many of us fail to look at properly is the booking/ refund terms and policies of the resorts. Unexpected situations can arise and you may be required to reschedule your travel dates or may even cancel the stay, if the resort policies aren’t favorable, then there would be a huge waste of your time, money, and energy to reschedule/ get your refunds. So to avoid putting yourself in hot waters later, make sure you thoroughly go through the booking/ refund terms and policies of the resort. Also, make sure the customer care services of the resort are available 24/7 and responsive.

Rules and policies of the resort 

Yet another thing that most people fail to look at are the rules and policies of the resort. Prohibition of photography and videography in the premises of the resort, visitors policy, rules regarding damage to property, rights of the management, pets policy, luggage storage rules, bill settlement, etc, are some of the matters among many others that you need to carefully consider when choosing the right resort for your stay.

Duration of stay 

When planning your travel, it’s very important to make sure to consider the amount of time that you intend to spend at your destination. Always try to add an extra day to your stay duration so that you can accommodate any unexpected challenges/ circumstances that may occur due to traveling a long distance. Try to also make sure the policies and availability of the resort allow you to extend or cut short your stay duration with any much hassles. Some resorts may have a very tight booking schedule and wouldn’t encourage any additional stay requests.

Keeping all these important things in mind, you will be able to better choose the resort of your preference. You can also take the help of tour guides or travel agents if you want to put in lesser effort into finding a good one for you. With nature’s beauty at its pristine form in Wayanad and a great range of resorts available for you, listen to your heart’s yearnings and make your trip happen to Wayanad!.

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