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Explore All the Beautiful Places to Visit In Australia

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Beautiful Places to visit in Australia

Australia is well known as a traveller’s paradise. It is one of the smallest continents in the world, with the largest island area. The place houses many beautiful places to explore, which is why it becomes daunting for travellers. Deciding what to visit or what not can be painful, and that’s why here in this blog, we will talk about the most beautiful places to visit in Australia.

But before diving into that,

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What’s the first thing that hovers over your head when you think about Australia? It’s a wildlife sanctuary and the world’s best heritage rainforest. A trip to Australia would be with it. From aboriginal tribes to pristine beaches to scorching deserts, Australia knows how to please travellers from all across the globe. But since this smallest continent has so much in its pocket, it can become hard to decide what places to visit in Australia.

Most Beautiful Places in Australia

So this blog will cover the same.

Popular Places To Visit In Australia

The place houses around 25 million people, and can you believe it has around 7 million square kilometres to troll. 90% of the population of Australia lives around the coast. Below we have listed the best places to visit in Australia.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is one of Australia’s top tourist attractions and one of the world’s biggest sand islands. This is your place to go if you want to explore four-wheel-drive adventures. This island has everything from sand dunes to beautiful sea coast to wide marine life. Tourists can do various things at Fraser islands, such as camping, scuba diving, swimming, and more. It takes 14 hours to reach Fraser island from Sydney and 3 to 4 hours from Brisbane. Word of advice for travellers is to keep sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen at your side.

Harbor Bridge

The second most beautiful place to visit in Australia is the Harbor bridge, one of the celebrated sights. According to the expert, it is one of the biggest steel arch bridges in the world. The place is also known as a coat hanger. From enjoying the scenic city landscape from the bridge to gaining knowledge about bridge history and architecture, travellers won’t get bored. To reach the destination, it is best to Cahill Walk along the expressway. Further, pedestrians can also access it from Circular Quay. Other than this, you can also access the bridge from the Botanic gardens.

Carlton Gardens

Further, we have on our list Carlton gardens, one of the oldest sites in Australia. It has been listed as a world heritage site along with the Royal Exhibition. The site was built in the 18th century and is named one of the unique attraction spots in Australia. While visiting the Carlton garden, one can enjoy some quality time in the flower beds, plus there are artistic fountains and ornamental lakes to explore. Besides this, the place also houses a french fountain, a Melbourne museum, and more.

Yarra Valley

Next on our list is Yarra Valley if you want to experience the hot balloon ride in Melbourne. To have a spectacular experience, you need to visit the Yarra Valley. You can enjoy the breathtaking views when taking a balloon ride on Yarra valley. From lush greenery to wonderful winery region to beautiful landscape, the ride got everything awestruck the visitor. Most people visit this place to witness the morning sun as they ballon over this beautiful valley.

King Street

If you love shopping, then you must visit King Street in Perth. The place offers a wide variety of options to tourists when it comes to shopping. You will get every famous brand here, plus the choices available here would be unmatchable. That’s why it is one of the busiest shopping streets. If you are low on cash, you can head towards Harbor town, which houses many factory outlets. Other than this, explore Hay and Murray streets to flaunt in style.

Bondi Beach

Various tourists describe Bondi beach as heaven on earth, which is why it is one of the most famous beaches on this planet. From bronzed bodies to surfing to sand, you will find everything here. It is the best place for tourists and localities to gather and celebrate occasions like new year and Christmas with their families and loved ones. Many accidents are reported here as the tides are powerful, so be cautious while swimming. You can do plenty of things at Bondi beach, like a stroll on a sandy coastline or exploring skate parks and markets.

The Rocks

It is one of the historical areas located in Sydney harbour. The Gadigal Aboriginal people once owned the place. After the European settlement, it became the country’s first tourist attraction. But now, the street houses more than 100 heritage sites. From souvenir shops and restaurants to art galleries, the place has many options for travellers. It only takes 15 minutes to reach The Rocks from the Town Hall station.

Daintree National Park

Lastly, we have on our list Daintree park, known to be nature’s delight. The place is in North Queensland, and the aboriginal people of Kuku Yalanji own the area. The place holds quite a high value in their tribe. The park has two main parts known as Mossman Gorge and cape tribulation. You will witness the crystal clear water in the Mossman Gorge, and there is cape tribulation filled with scenic views. The park has around 18000 plant species, and the animal species which attract tourists are butterflies, crocodiles, Kangaroos, and more.

Final Thought

That’s all! Here we have covered all the beautiful places to visit in Australia. The country is very uncertain from housing dangerous animals to the vast desert land, and travellers won’t be displeased. It is indeed a land of opportunities, and if you long for thrill and excitement, you must visit Australia.

Enjoy Australian cuisine and make the best out of your trip. So what’s stopping you now? Plan your Australia trip now.

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