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Which is better- Chiffon or Georgette Sarees for Attending Parties?

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The ‘Chiffon’ originated from a French word that means cloth. The fine material of the fabric, which is lightweight and has a transparent appearance, is chiffon. Chiffon sarees are easy to handle and give a good drape.

These fabrics are made from nylon, rayon, or any other synthetic fibers. But they cannot be worn throughout the entire year. On the other hand, Georgette Sarees are quite popular for their grace.

The surface fabric of Pure Georgette Sarees is translucent and crinkled. These kinds of raw silk are better for heavy handwork.

How to Identify Chiffon Sarees?

Chiffon sarees are mostly plain, delicate, and have lesser weight. These glamorous sarees are a part of Indian Royalty. Few characteristics of chiffon are –

1) These sarees are lightweight, transparent, and look more like fine mesh under the magnifying glass.

2) Chiffon materials are stretchable.

3) The twisted yarns of the fabric make it stronger.

4) Cotton chiffons are shimmery on the surface.

How to Identify Georgette Sarees?

Typically, Georgette Sarees are made of plain fabric with a crinkled finish sometimes. These fabrics are woven from twisted yarns or using jacquard or satin. Characteristics of these fabrics are-

1) Alike chiffon sarees, and Pure Georgette Sarees are also lightweight. Other than synthetic georgette these fibers are quite breathable.

2) Flowy fabric of Georgette gives the perfect shape of drape with a nice structure.

3) The natural pattern of this fabric holds dye perfectly.

4) The tight twist of yarns gives slight stretch ability to this fabric.

Now that we have a clear idea about both the fabrics let us find out different types of Partywear Georgette Sarees and Chiffon sarees, how can it enhance the beauty of any woman, and most importantly which one is suitable for you for attending parties.

Among all the other fashionable sarees chiffon is the widely chosen one when it comes to flaunting its beauty. Different patterns of chiffon sarees can be worn for different occasional parties. And these are-

1) Chiffon sarees with plain border:

These are the kind of sarees that are based on chiffon fabric and designed with a Zari or Resham border.

It can be a perfect outfit for a casual outing as well as a formal function. These sarees are sometimes attached with a broken border too.

2) Resham worked sarees of Chiffon:

With beautiful work of Resham all over the body these sarees are perfect for festivals or weddings.

Especially functions during scorching summer. These Resham work or borders are usually boutique made

3) Zari Work Chiffon Sarees: 

Buttes made in this type of sarees are all about the beautiful work of Banarasi zari.

These borders are woven through the borders of the saree. These sarees give a semi-formal look for parties.

4) Stone Worked Chiffon Sarees:  

This kind of chiffon sarees has the work of stone all over the body.

These sarees are perfect for tradition and can be worn at any party with a matching blouse.

When talking about Party wear, Georgette Sarees are highly in demand. Mostly georgette sarees are translucent or opaque in texture.

Due to their elegance, these sarees are desired by women as party wear. Different types of georgette sarees are-

1) Embroidery Georgette Sarees: 

It is a well-desired type of designer sarees. These sarees are a perfect way to flaunt an ethnic look.

Materials used for embroidery are mainly colourful threads or stones, Kundan, zari, etc. If worn with the perfect garment these sarees are perfect for attending parties.

2) Pure Georgette Sarees: 

Sarees having pure fabric of georgette have S or Z patterns of twisted yarns.

These sarees are woven from pure silk and are more expensive than faux ones. These sarees are perfect for enhancing gaudy looks for any party.

3) Georgette Sarees of Banarasi: 

These sarees with their heavy embroidery and design work are ideal for wedding attire.

These sarees are a heritage of India. It is a part of Varanasi culture. Banarasi Georgette sarees are always preferable for a traditional look.

4) Chikankari Georgette Sarees: 

Chinakari sarees originated from Lucknow and it is the perfect attire for attractive traditional wear.

These sarees can be designed differently with chain stitch, back stick, or hemstitch.

Be it Chiffon or georgette, sarees are the heritage of Indian culture and can be worn on different occasions in different styles.

These sarees are lightweight so maintaining them is also a matter of concern. However, washing them with utmost care and reducing the frequency of wash can help in this manner.

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