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WOOD IS GOOD! 6 Benefits of Using Wooden Spoons When Baking

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Benefits of Using Wooden Spoons

Baking is a very creative kitchen skill. It’s fun yet challenging at the same time. It’s not as simple as it seems because aside from the methods and techniques you have to learn and master, there are baking tools and equipment you need to fix in your mind and know by heart. Some are basic. Some are complex. All in all, they perform specific functions that every baker must know!

I’m not sure if most people heard of this, but wooden spoons are great for baking and not only for cooking! Yes, wooden spoons do have tons of fantastic advantages when it comes to cooking, yet they are somewhat underrated when talking about baking tools. Those who think that they are not as effective as popular silicone baking apparatuses are missing out on a lot of efficient boons!

So you don’t miss a thing or so you can catch up if you already did miss it, check out the list below. Here are 6 benefits of using wooden spoons when baking.

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1 – Wooden Spoons are Strong and Durable

Although baking is done by many as a recreational and relaxing hobby and perceived by some as a simple task, it actually requires so much effort and energy. To be able to successfully bake one recipe, you need buckets of strength and muscle fuel. Some baking equipment is heavy, and baking methods take quite some time to get accomplished.

In line with that, you need baking tools that are strong and reliable enough for you to perform all the baking steps necessary. Good news, wooden spoons exist! Wooden spoons are strong and durable. They last long, so you can use them for a very long time, without needing to worry about their toughness through time. Even with a solid and steady grip while doing force-requiring baking acts, wooden spoons remain firm and shaped as it is.

2 – They are Eco-Friendly

It’s a smart and responsible choice to choose using baking tools that are environmentally-safe. With them, you are keeping your life and the lives of your loved ones protected as well.

Say no more when you have wooden spoons on your list of baking tools. They are not created out of toxic chemicals and poisonous substances, unlike other material types. When you use them, they will not defile your baked food and will not exude threat to the environment. Natural at its best!

Wood that makes up these wooden spoons is renewable. That means it fosters energy that does not yield harmful greenhouse gas discharges from fossil fuels. With that, the air becomes cleaner with lessened causes of damaging air pollution. The eco-friendliness of wooden spoons is without a doubt!

3 – Wooden Spoons are easy and safe to use

To avoid kitchen misadventures, big and small, it is very important that you are comfortable and safe while baking. You can start and finish your recipes cautiously when you yourself are free from any kind of harm. Baking tools that are easy and safe to use are what you need, and woodens spoons are exactly those!

Wooden spoons are hard and thick. They have designs and shapes that are totally made for the safety and convenience of bakers. You will not hurt your hands because wooden spoons have smooth and refined edges. Their handles are designed in a way that allows you to hold them tightly and steadfastly. Simple is often the style of wooden spoons, so there’s nothing much to prepare yourself for before using them. Anybody can use these baking tools without worry!

4 – They don’t Affect the Taste and Color of Food

A headache that is commonly experienced by many bakers is the unexpected and unwanted change in color and taste of their finished products. That usually happens when tools used in baking contain properties that react to certain ingredients and their quality.

Using wooden spoons is the way to make sure that your baked goodies will come out as you desire, or if not, they will not become problematic or hard to eat. Since they are nonreactive and non rusting also, they don’t affect the taste and color of food. Cake flour, bread flour, powdered ingredients, sugars and more can be safely mixed with wooden spoons. There will be no metallic or plastic-like tastes. There will be no discoloration or taste modification.

Wooden spoons are to use to make sure that your baked dishes are clean, safe and satisfying too!

5 – Wooden Spoons are Heat-Resistant

Heat is one of the reasons why it is not easy to stay for too long inside the kitchen. It is also one of the reasons why many baking tools get dented and broken.

Metal conducts heat, so baking might not be so easy with everything metal. Silicone rubber becomes brittle after a long time of exposure to and contact with high temperatures. Plastic changes shape and melts as well.

Unlike them, wood does not conduct heat. It may get warm, but that’s just until there, and it is just on the surface. You can use it to mix hot ingredients or stir warm soups and liquids for baking, for as long as needed. No need to worry in case you accidentally place and leave your wooden spoon beside a hot pot while baking. Why? Because it will not melt. Furthermore, your hands will not be hurt. You can still hold a wooden spoon with your bare hands even after letting it in close contact with heat.



Metal, stainless, silicone, rubber – we’ve heard them do their thing in the kitchen and on the baking counter. This time, it’s about wood, and you have learned from above that wood is indeed good! Wooden spoons truly offer wonderful rewards that make them outshine the others. They have abilities that only them can display and brag about.

Bakers, if you’re still not using wooden spoons, you can always think again! Hopefully, this article has handed you some chunks of new insights to help you bake better than ever.



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Mauri Baking Supplies Australia, a chief supplier of bakery ingredient solutions all over New Zealand and Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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