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Test And Optimize Your Facebook Ad Creative: An Efficient Way To Boost Business Sales Figures 

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What is the prominence of Facebook in the post-COVID world?

We know that pandemic has taken the world’s economy by storm, and we all are battling the pandemic in our ways. But, one thing is for sure we have to remain isolated at home for our safety, right? As the days crept by, many people start to feel claustrophobia. So they begin to look for new ways to break that everyday mundane. The best way to break claustrophobia is to drift your attention toward social media platforms. 

After the declaration of pandemics worldwide, Facebook has witnessed a humongous increase in traffic. Therefore, as more and more people are using Facebook than ever before, why? It is because it is one of the few means people have to stay in touch with each other. Even with the reopening of the world and the ad splurge return to pre-COVID trends. The audience seems to spend even more time on Facebook. And as a result, the prices will likely rise. Therefore, as more and more brands compete for visibility in a user’s news feed. Either organically or through paid ads.

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Facebook ads can turn tables for any business: true or false?

Yes, Facebook ads can benefit any size business big or small. But the silver bullet is that a business must do it with copper-bottomed testing strategies. There is a false belief that the first few to get on this platform. Also, the use of new features will be the ones that make money. The rest of the players will struggle if they join later.

Some people have been wondering whether it’s too late to start using Facebook ads due to recent changes in privacy policies and tracking laws and if they’ve already missed the golden opportunity. The good thing is that Facebook ads do not primarily cater to early adopters. Facebook Ads are most effective when creatives are tested and strategies are built over time.

The key to successful Facebook advertising is patience. And you can:

  • Ad placement should be tested properly so that you can show your best ad.
  • Your ad should be targeted at the ideal placement and audience to help the Facebook algorithm find the best place to post it.

Find out how you can test your Facebook ad creative, scroll through to read

Choose the Right Offer and Optimize Your Landing Page

To ensure your ad expenditure is optimized and that you aren’t wasting any money, make sure your offer is good. Check to make sure your audience will find the solution they need at the right time. Ads that are irrelevant to the audience you are targeting will do you no good even if you have a great message and a great delivery. Following that, you should optimize your website or landing page. Having great ads that attract people to your offer is of no use if your landing page fails to convey value.

After you know your offer is great and your landing page is optimized for conversion, you must optimize your ad creative, that is, the complete ad including visuals and copy, that will not only turn the tables for your business but also land target audience to your landing page. Facebook ad testing can help here.

  • How to calculate the Cost of Facebook Ad Testing?

People often ask, how much should I invest in Facebook ad testing? when it comes to Facebook advertising. This question typically leads to the answer, “How much are you willing to lose?”

It is not always the case that test campaigns will generate results, but they do gather data. The data Facebook Ad Manager provides you with is very helpful for optimizing your ads. However, a test campaign is unlikely to drive the traffic you’re looking for to generate the desired results. It’s all about discovering what kind of advertising creates the most traffic.

The test is a continual process of identifying the best-performing ads and then trying to make them better. As soon as you find a winner, you devote your conversion campaign to that winner. A good starting point for planning your test campaigns is to take your estimated cost per lead, multiply it by 50, and divide it by 7. This is the winning formula that will help you to calculate your budget for any Facebook ads test campaign.

  • Establish Your Facebook ads testing campaign

Setting up Facebook ads testing campaign costs money. As you set your budget, make sure you are using the ad set budget not the campaign budget, and remain consistent with the budget for every ad in the test. As a result, Facebook ensures that every ad gets the same amount of attention.

In addition, let your ads run for a minimum of 5 to 7 days before making any changes. Facebook needs about a week to collect the data it needs to optimize the placement and display of your ad. Therefore, you need to give Facebook enough time to prepare for your ad delivery. Changing your ads too soon doesn’t give Facebook enough data to optimize them. It’s probably safe to stop ad if you see it is completely tanking after 4 or 5 days.

In addition, you should start testing ad campaigns as early as possible in the morning, around 6 or 7 a.m. local time. This has to do with the daily budget: Facebook will try to use as much as the budget that you locked for the day. And if you show your ad early in the day, you give Facebook the chance to spend your entire budget on the ad. In the event, you begin your campaign in the afternoon; Facebook will still attempt to spend your entire budget on the same day. And to your dismay, this may alter the delivery of your first day’s ads.

You might be excited to experiment with different versions of your Facebook ad in one sitting when you’re testing them. However, it’s crucial to advance tests slowly and be patient as Facebook makes its way. Initially, test only the ad format, and then move on to the next variable.

Test the new ad format

As a first step, you’ll want to figure out what type of ads you want to run: carousel image, single image, slideshow, or video. Rather than finding the best visuals, this test will determine which format will be most appealing to your audience. It’s best to design one image, and then create a variety of variations of that image, so you can use them in slideshows, videos, and carousels. Every other aspect of this test, including the headlines, captions, and call to action (CTA), will remain identical.

Perform a visual component test

Then, it’s time to create the best visual components. Once you know what types of visual components work best for your audience, you can create them. Using three to four different formats, you then need to test the results. For example, if the winning format was a single image, then it would be best to create four single images. It is up to you how much difference you want between the images. You can test different background colors, different elements on the ad, a photo of you versus a stock photo, and more.

Check the copy

Eventually, after the visual components are tested and your winners have been selected, it’s time to test the copy for the CTA. Likewise, you should also conduct tests on different formats: long-form versus short-form copy, different word choices, and inclusion of emojis to increase conversion rates.

  • Improve Facebook Ads Results by Scaling Your Winning Campaigns

Investing in a visual format with the right imagery and copy is a great way to start testing. Once you have a clear winner out of all your tests, you can start expanding your audience by making logical assumptions about their interests and likes. For example, if your target market is the health and fitness market, you might expand your target market to include people who are interested in knowing facts about the healthy lifestyle and daily fitness regimes.

On the other hand, the data gathering and optimization is done by Facebook during the ad testing campaign will continue to improve the way your ads are delivered based on the test. As a result, you don’t need to redo testing for every new audience you wish to reach. When it comes to evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of your Facebook ads, there is one warning that stands out: The testing cycle never ends. After every victory, the process starts all over again. It is for this reason that what works one season may not work the next.

Bottom line

You should progressively test your winning ads against new ad creatives. This will make you rest assured the ads in which you have splurged will always be optimized for the best performance, lowest cost, and highest return. Are you scouring online for a reliable and reputed Social Media Marketing agency to run your business’s Facebook ad campaigns? Thank you for stopping by us! Schedule your consultation with our expert today. 

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