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Easy Drawing Ideas For Kids With Step by Step Tutorial

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Easy Drawing Ideas For Kids

How Kids Draw

Drawing ideas has great educational and creative value for children. Some famous artists have also inspired that same attitude in adult artists because as we mature, we tend to have many more definitions, goals, and concepts that express.

When adults engage in a creative activity such as drawing, they are more likely to be incompetent in the skill of execution and will quickly become frustrated with frustration.

But Don; discourage is so quick! What is discussed in this article will give you a great starting point and a direction towards improving your drawing skills so that your drawing will be more realistic or precise when you want it to be.

As I have already discussed, sometimes a good technique may not be the point of creative activity or exercise.

Easy Drawing Ideas for kids may just be developing creativity, but if you also want to improve technically (and that’s commendable), surpass your previous skill levels and produce much more visually sophisticated drawings compared to what you could do when you were a child, here are the two concepts that the drawing will explain to you – Coordination and Representation.

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1. Coordination – If You Can Write, You Can’t Draw

You may have a very beautiful and complex picture in your head, but great frustration can come when you try to translate that idea into a blank piece of paper. In most cases, this is due to hand-eye coordination or poor visual acuity.

If you can write, you already have some hand-eye coordination, and you’ve probably learned by practicing repeated movements that create the letters.

The drawing may require different coordination skills, but the concept is the same. It would be best if you created a ‘muscle memory; that is, your body needs to learn the movements, which is done through repeated exercise.

Easy Drawing Ideas For Kids helps Take baby steps and focus on small tasks, such as drawing a circle, a sphere, a cube, a straight line, gradient from darkness to light.

These simple exercises will give you confidence and control over the pencil and yourself, which is the basis of great drawings.

2. Representation – The Traps of Vocabulary

If you glance at children’s drawings, you will soon notice that they are drawing symbolically. They are using estimates on realistic objects.

One reason is that they don’t have the most coordination, but the other reason is that they don’t necessarily draw visual representations.

They want to express concepts. In the image below, a smile is drawn on the sun even though he is not a person; s but perhaps the child is happy to have a sunny day, and this was reflected in the drawing.

If you want to draw more realistically, you need to think more about dark and light shapes. Some call for shading or rendering, but it could be an even wider field of study.

Life or photographs can make Tonal studies. Try to notice these types of ‘mistakes, and it will be very clear to you in the future.

Study the values of darkness and brightness, the way light falls on and reflects things. Consider in terms of 2D shapes that generate the illusion of intensity.

The human eye sees this way. It registers the amount of light that falls on photoreceptors. Then, the brain interprets those values.

The brain process The 2D patterns. It then reveals information about 3D space, surfaces, light, etc. It is best to start & study simple things.

First, know how the light falls on those things. The most difficult shadows come from the part that shows the lightest. Once you have some understanding, try to draw some more complex things.

Final Thoughts

Remember to pay close attention to developing good COMPLIANCE and visually replicating things under specific lighting conditions. The way you represent space and light can make a big difference in your drawing. Be ambitious, but don’t forget that it’s even more important than being creative and enjoying the process.

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