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How To Start A Selling Filter Water Business In India

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Filter Water Business In India

Water is most important for human life because it is not possible to live life without water. But there are multiple such areas of the country where there are more problems with drinking water than there is no clean water in some areas. Moreover, we are prone to many diseases if our bodies do not receive pure water, so drinking pure water is essential for our bodies. There are currently many such businesses that sell purified water and make millions of dollars from it. 

If you also start a water-selling business, you will be able to make a lot of money. Because mineral water is now used in many homes, there is a high market demand for clean water or mineral water. Today, we will inform you how to start a drinking water business and how much money you will earn every month in this business. So let’s know the proper process to begin the business of selling water.

Why Start A Business Selling Water?

Before starting the water business, we need to know why we should start it? Let me inform you, many years ago. No one believed that even water would ever be sold in small bottles. But in today’s time, people are making lakhs of rupees from the company selling water. Furthermore, the market demand for mineral water remains constant for only a year.

On the other hand, people drink more water in the summer than in the winter or in different seasons. In such a case, anyone can profit more from this business during the summer. This business will also be beneficial in the future because there will be greater demand for this type of business in the market.

Based On The Dealership

At present, various brands of water are effortlessly available in the market. Bisleri and Kinley are the most famous brands. Even if you take the brand’s dealership from these companies, you can earn good earnings in this business. There is an increased demand for water bottles ranging from 200ml to 1 litre in the market. If you desire, you can also deliver a 20-litre jar to the market. To begin a dealership business, you will have to invest around 3 to 4 lakh rupees. Create this business according to your budget so that there will be no problem in future.

Location Selection

The business of selling water is more beneficial in cities than in rural areas. Let us tell you, to do this business well. You have to choose such a city’s location where there is less water supply. If you start this business in such a place, you will be able to earn a good profit in less time. For this, first of all, do market research so that you get to know about such a location in the city where you can start your business.

Must-Have A Licence For Business

Let us tell you, to start any kind of business in the country. You need to get some government work done. In such a situation, to start the business of water, you will also have to register your firm first. For this, you will first have to get your water quality report prepared, as well as you will also have to get permission from the food department. Apart from this, you will also have to take a certificate of an industry on a small scale and a ‘Pollution Control Certificate’ from the state or local government. After all these procedures, you can start this business efficiently, and you will not face any problems in future. However, if you do not complete these government works, you have to face many troubles in your business.

How Much Will You Have To Invest In This Business?

You’ll need some machines to clean or purify water to start this business. You will need to invest around 5 to 6 lakh rupees in such a situation. With this much money, you can start a successful water-selling business. You can also start this business with the help of a bank loan if you want. If you desire to start this business on a small scale, you should start with the dealership. After that, as your business grows, you can expand your operations and earn more money.


You will have to pay particular attention to this business’s marketing for running it. You have to provide quality water and clean water in the market; only then will you add more and more customers. If you supply clean water, you will not have to put much effort into marketing it and make multiple customers easily. For proper marketing of this business, you can have hoardings installed in the city, and you can also print a pamphlet in the name of your business and spread it throughout the city. Apart from that, you should use social media for marketing your company. Actually, in today’s time, every person is linked to social media, so you can easily make this business successful through social media.

Along with this, water is needed everywhere as per the marketing requirement, so for this, you can use auto rickshaw models, mini trucks and other vehicles.   

For this, you create an account on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp that is related to your company and promotes the high quality of water at a reasonable price. You’ll be able to reach out to more people in less time and connect with a more 

a significant number of people this way. You can also advertise your company on TV, radio, or in the newspaper if you want to.

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