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Essential Maintenance Tips for Central Air Conditioning Unit

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Central Air Conditioning Unit

The average lifespan of a central system air conditioning unit is about 15 to 20 years. However, with proper maintenance, your AC can run smoothly throughout the period and even have extended functional years.

Apart from hiring maintenance central air conditioning services Dearborn or in other locations, you must also update your knowledge for maintenance tasks.

After all, a few maintenance tasks performed by you can further enhance the overall functionality of the AC unit.

Continue to read till the end to learn about expert maintenance tips for central air conditioning units.

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Learn thoroughly about your AC Unit

You need to learn about your AC unit and then proceed with maintenance work. Information such as the central air conditioning unit basically has two primary components.

The external or outside unit and the internal or inside unit. When it comes to maintenance work for a central AC unit, most people only focus on the outside component which is generally installed in the bracket or on a slab at the side of a house.

The indoor component is fixed to the furnace and even though the furnace is not installed for heating your home, it works for blowing cool air from the outside component through the house.

It is vital to keep up the maintenance work for both indoor and outdoor units of the central AC system. To get the most out of maintenance work, make sure to implement these services once a year at the beginning of the summer season.

Maintenance for Inside Unit

The furnace blower is the main component of the inside unit that is responsible for cold air circulation throughout your home. Ideally, the furnace blower must be inspected at the start of the summer and winter seasons each year.

The four maintenance tips for the inside unit are –

1.    Cleaning or Changing the Air Filter

The air filter requires cleaning either at the start of a season or at the end of that season. Since the furnace blower is in constant use throughout the season, it attracts surrounding dirt and grime.

This is the most common way to keep your central AC unit running for long years. Also, if you happen to have pets in your home then the air filter needs cleaning more often.

Replacing the filter with a new one at a regular interval can also help in keeping the AC in good condition.

2.   Cleaning the Evaporator Coils

A spray-on cleaner needs to be purchased for cleaning out the evaporator coils. The ideal way to clean the coils is when it is hot on the exterior and the AC is running.

Clean out the coils for the more efficient functioning of the AC unit.

3.   Clearing out the Drain Pans

The drain pans attract moisture and other foreign particles that would allow the growth of algae and cause clogging in other parts of the system. Clearing out the drain pans is important for the maintenance of work that we need to perform at regular intervals.

Thorough cleaning of the pans is important since prolonged moisture on them can even cause rust and the unit may even warp at some point.

4.   Inspecting & Cleaning Out area around heat vents

Heat vents enable recirculation of air throughout the space to keep it cool and comfortable. Any blockage near or around the heat vent area can obstruct the circulation of cool air.

Therefore, it is significant to conduct a walk-through inspection now and then to check the area and clean the area if necessary.

Maintenance for Outside Unit

Here is some extremely crucial maintenance work that needs to perform for the outside unit of the central air conditioning system.

1.    Keeping the specific area clean and well-maintained

The maintenance work involves mowing the lawn or keeping the garden in check. Any overgrowth in that part of the yard can be the cause of potential issues in the future.

Hedges, vines, or any unwanted growth can lead to overheating of outdoor components or suffer issues such as rust, blockage, etc. Keep the area clean and well-maintained to avoid these issues.

2.   Ensure cleaning with a garden hose

Make sure to clean the area at the beginning or end of the season. However, don’t go for an extra hard cleaning regime as any pressure on the unit can cause the bending of a fin.

Use a garden hose to wash off and clean the dust and debris buildup on the unit.


These are a few maintenance tips that you can follow to keep your central AC unit in good health. You may also seek expert maintenance central air conditioning services Dearborn or other locations for a longer lifespan of the AC system.

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