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Top 7 Different Types of Trucks in India – You Should Know About Them

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Type Of Trucks In India

India has a huge commercial vehicle industry, and this industry includes a lot of different Types of Trucks in India. We all know that trucks are one of the essential vehicles widely used to transport different loads.

People of Rural and urban areas both are involved in the transportation business.

With time the demand for Different Types Of Trucks In India is increasing as they provide good outcomes to Indian drivers. 

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Do you want to know more about trucks? 

If yes, this blog is just made for you as here you can get some interesting and knowledgeable information about trucks, helping you to know more about the Types Of Trucks In India. So, let’s start. 

History Of Different Types of Trucks in India

The journey of different Types of Trucks in India started in 1896. This year, Gottlieb Daimler of Germany made the first motor truck. The truck was loaded with 4-hp and a belt drive with 2-forward and 1-reverse speed.

Later, in 1898 the Winton company, US introduced a gasoline-powered engine made with a single-cylinder 6-hp engine.

In the 20th century’s last quarter, the demand and sales of trucks raised tremendously in the US. The reason for the truck’s high demand and sale is the introduction of utility and sport utility vehicles. 

These trucks are classified as light trucks but operated as family vehicles. After that, trucks have built their own identity in many countries, including India.

Now, many truck brands such as BharatBenz, Ashok Leyland, and many more manufactured different types of trucks. All the trucks are loaded with high-quality features and have a significant presence among drivers, whether rural and urban. 

Some Interesting Facts About Truck Types in India

Following are some cool facts related to the Truck Types in India which make them interesting for all:- 

  • Can you imagine a car or truck without steering? I know it’s hard to imagine and believe, but it’s true. In the early days of trucks, they did not have steering wheels. Now you think about how trucks used to be controlled, then the answer to this question is levers. Yes, at that time, drivers used levers to control the speed of the truck. Of course, it wasn’t that effective, but it worked. It isn’t interesting! 
  • Tyres are the most important part of trucks as you know every year a lot of tyres burn. In fact, more than 1 billion tyres are made to support new and old worn tyres. 
  • The automobile industry is one of the most environmentally friendly and recyclable in the world.
  • Did you know, only 6% of women are drivers of trucks? 
  • Truckers spend more than 240 nights away from home every year.

Top 7 Different Types Of Trucks In India

Do you want to know which are different types of trucks? 

If yes, you are at the right place as here we are showing the top 10 different types of trucks In India. These Truck Types in India are different in size, feature, price, etc. They are used to load various cargo, materials, loads, and many more. So, to get complete information about various trucks, stay tuned with the blog till the end! 

Mini Trucks 

The list of the top 7 different types of trucks in India starts with mini trucks. A mini truck is also called a compact truck which is available in RWD or 4WD variants. Most importantly, they come under the sub-3000 cc motor class. Mini trucks find their use in intra-city as a form of low load transport. They are acceptable with low fuel usage and customary support. So whenever you are looking for a truck that requires less support and is not challenging to drive regularly, you should think about mini trucks because they suit your needs completely. 

Mini truck model built to reduce pollution. The new mini trucks can move small cargo from one place to another with ease. Small pickup trucks are beneficial for saving fuel and additional expenses. There are many best mini trucks in India, and they run on the roads daily. All mini truck models come with advanced technology. The price range of mini trucks is also affordable and low for all drivers. 

Tractor Trucks 

The next one on the list is tractor trucks. A tractor truck is a commercial vehicle designed with a power unit to pull a semi-trailer. This vehicle is available in big and small sizes to transport medium and heavy cargo. Thus, a truck tractor has no load-carrying capacity without an attached semi-trailer. A semi-trailer is constructed so that some of the weight rests on the power unit. 

We consider a tractor truck taking another motor vehicle is a “truck tractor” vehicle configuration. People use a tractor truck to carry many heavy things and material, just like an auto vehicle. This truck has a short body that connects with the trailer and we can use it only for the roadway pulling of cargo as a truck. There are many brands available that manufactured tractor trucks. Along with this, tractor truck prices are budget-friendly. 

Pickup Trucks 

The list continues with pickup trucks. Pickup trucks are lightweight vehicles that come with an open top. Manufacturers make this powerful truck ready with an edge or taxi and an open back part. Pickups rely on trucks, two pieces make it and it surely have more space. We can use this light vehicle is to carry and move things and materials. The back of this truck is open and available in a small size. They are available in various shapes and sizes. 

We can highly load this vehicle with potent and high-quality features as trucks. The back part of the pickup is a cargo bed which covers with a sheet made with material, metal, and plastic to protect the payload from dirt, dust, and rain. Various truck brands available in the market make it with highly advance technology. In addition, the price range of the pickup truck is suitable for Indian drivers. 

Tipper Trucks 

Another one on the list of the top 7 different types of trucks is tipper trucks. People also call this commercial vehicle a dumper truck. They use it for transportation. The vehicle transports various materials such as sand, rock, and waste. Along with this, small tippers are highly advance.

These vehicles work as heavy-duty trucks. They have an open-top body that carries bulk materials and cargo. They widely use Small tippers in construction sites or areas. Like heavy-duty trucks, small tippers have all the high mobility features that are adequate for many applications. The main advantage of a tipper truck is its workability and efficiency, which guarantee high outcomes. 

This commercial vehicle has a rear stage to elevate at its front end and allowing to release the load. Due to its relevant features, the demand for tipper trucks is rapidly increasing. BharatBenz is the preferred tipper truck brand for Indian drivers. Since BharatBenz tipper price is pocket friendly, making them easy to buy. 

3-Wheeler Trucks 

The list of the top 7 different types of trucks continues with 3-wheeler trucks. These trucks are the most affordable and perfect vehicle used for various purposes. Three-wheelers have a high capacity to transport cargo at a time. Therefore, they give more profit to the small and medium Indian drivers. The 3-wheeler trucks are powerful as they have potent engines, providing good work experience. They provide outstanding performance, high fuel efficiency, high torque, economic mileage, comfortable functioning and proper safety. 

Transit Mixer Trucks 

The list continues with transit mixer trucks. Therefore, We use these types of trucks to prepare blend material and direct cement from a solid clustering plant to the site.The transit mixer stacks with dry ingredients and water. However, A transit mixer consists of a drum with rotating blades that can operate in two ways. Moreover, The motive behind the drum is the solid part and the rest in the liquid state. And it spins on its hub. The machine is handy and profitable as it provides excellent performance during the task. 

It is powerful and efficient as you can load it with high-quality features, and a robust engine helps to perform all the laborious tasks. Therefore, the Massive improvement in the density and quality of cement and advanced pace of development. However, The reserve fund in labor, disposal of material receipt needs and capacity upset, reduction of wastage, and environmental protection points. Also, The environmental factors are clean at the site. Along with this, the price range of transit mixer trucks is budget-friendly for all.

Electric Truck 

The last one on the list of the top 7 different types of trucks in India is electric trucks. The electric truck is another great invention in the truck industry as it completes all the tasks very efficiently with ease. Batteries operate this kind of trucks which make it environment-friendly.

It is usefull in transporting cargo and goods. Due to all quality features, the demand for these trucks is rapidly increasing, resulting in electric truck sales increment. In addition, the operating cost of electric trucks is cheap, and the price range is pocket-friendly. 

Pros & Cons Of Trucks

  • Advantages of trucks:-  
  • The best way for transportation 
  • Fastest delivery 
  • Profitable for service and goods 
  • Perfect for short transportation 
  • Useful for truck drivers 
  • Smooth operating system 
  • Easy and flexible
  • Low operating cost 
  • Advanced and durable

Disadvantages of trucks:- 

  • Quite Expensive 
  • more than the prescribed limit
  • High cost 

Various transportation tasks use these top 7 different types of trucks. We hope you enjoyed the blog and are happy after reading it. So, if you are looking for any truck, you should first read this blog, giving you an idea about trucks. Then, for more such good and informative topics or blogs, stay tuned with us. 

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