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How Long do Chemical Peels Last? 9 Things to Expect

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Chemical Peels

Chemical peeling has emerged as the new method of eliminating the skin issues. Peeling is one of the methods that makes the dream of having a perfect skin true. Being one of the most sought-after and functioning cosmetic treatments, one must know some key facts.

l Results might vary as per the difference in peels

The duration of retention of chemical peels is dependent upon the type of peels that you have got. If you have got light peels, then the result might last for 1 to 2 months. The extension in the results due to light peeling is 6 months.

As far as medium and deep peels are concerned, the results may vary for 2 to 4 months. However, the results might extend for more than 6 months for repeated treatments.

Deep peels have a permanent duration of the results. It lasts for a lifetime.

l Confirm that you are a suitable candidate for peeling

Peeling involves the testing of skin and it’s textures. Although there are no restrictions for getting the cosmetic peeling treatment, here are some factors that you must keep in mind:

  • Individuals getting treatment for acne
  • People with a family history of skin issues must avoid such treatments
  • Women who are trying to conceive, nursing, and breastfeeding
  • People with open infections, skin lesions, sores may see an enhancement in  the chronic conditions
  • If you have a direct exposure to sun, then this surgery is potentially harmful
  • Individuals with a darker skin tone

l Prepare these things before going for peeling treatment

Before you go for the treatment, here are some factors that you must keep in mind. There are many dangers of taking this treatment. There might be a change in the pigmentation, skin color, and other infections.

However, most of the dermatologists will suggest a plan that comprises all the plans and tips. Ask your dermatologist about the precautions you need to maintain. Make sure to apply sunscreen lotion, topical cream, ointments, gels, and anything that provides relief to your skin. Follow the precautions that your doctor advises for the procedure.

l Develop a skincare routine before going for the treatment

Having a skincare routine before jumping for the treatment is better. Have a list of the medications and ointments that allow your skin to prepare for the skin treatment, For example, you can make sure your skin remains hydrated and moisturized while in the sun.

l The side effects might be more but must not last long

There are side effects of having peeling treatment. The common side effects include redness, tingling, and burning. Then, you might see dryness, irritation, and mild swelling. Your skin may start looking pale and develop cracks.

After some days of treatment, your skin might even have a tan. Then, make sure that you have been in constant touch with your doctor. If the signs last longer, you must be ready to consult your doctors.

l Your skin might start peeling

As the name of the process suggests, it means the peeling of the skin. After three to five days of taking the treatment, your skin will behave the same as sunburnt skin. However, you have to make sure that you don’t start pulling out the flakes.

This will enhance the risk of acne and other skin infections, It might worsen the condition of the skin. As it has suffered from so many chemical procedures already, it might start showing some undesirable effects,

l Your appointments with your dermatologist might enhance

As you start setting out on the journey of treatment, you would need to have multiple consultation sessions with your doctors and dermatologists. After all, it is the research, introductory sessions, consultations, skincare routine planning and everything else that they will fix.

Whether it is prior to the treatment, or it is due to the post treatment effects, you might have to run with a flaked skin. You would have to get rid of the torture caused by the redness or irritation. Or, you would be nervous to know the final effect of the treatment.

All this is possible when you are in constant touch with the dermatologists and other doctors. So, this explains why there might be a hike in the number of appointments.


So, this is an overview of the features of chemical peeling. It is crucial to know how this technique concerns the skin. Here are some questions that might concern you. Let’s think about some common doubts about chemical peeling? What is chemical peeling? How long does it last? The answers to all these questions are shared in this write up. These are the basics of the treatment.

You must have gone through the key factors about the chemical peeling cosmetic treatment. Resolve them with the help of the chemical peel dubai services.

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