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5 Ways to Add Warmth to Your Home with Candles

by ideaschedule
Candle holders

It may sound cliché, but candles are a great way to bring in more warmth and light into your home. Having a candle in a room does not need an occasion.

You can have as many candles as you want as a part of your home décor to bring in some serenity, peace, relaxation, and even romance to the setting.

Candles are peaceful little things that might be cheap, but their holders can be as elaborately designed and expensive as you can think.

The holders can be artistic, they can be modern and bold, but most of the time, such holders are more expensive than a bed frame.

West Elm offers one of the most elaborately designed or minimal design candle holders and lanterns that can change the whole look of your room.

While they can be a little expensive, a West Elm UAE promo code can bring the cost down quite a lot and make it much easier for you to afford more than just a couple of candle holders and lanterns.

With your holders and lanterns purchased with a west elm UAE promo code, you are ready to bring some warmth back into your house with candles.

If you are looking for some ideas. Here are some that will make it much easier for you to incorporate candles in your home décor.

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Make a Side Table Terrarium

The best thing about getting your candle holders with a west elm UAE promo code is that you can easily get a bunch while still remaining in your budget. Get a massive holder or a jar from West Elm, add in some pretty candles inside it and add the whole thing to your side table.

It is a much easier and cheaper way of building a terrarium. It is also a great way to add a more aesthetically pleasing visual to your room. Make it look good and play with textures at the same time.

Plus, when you put your candles inside a terrarium, you will not have to worry about fire hazards. Your bedroom will have a nice glow from the candles and you will have nothing to worry about.

Look for Modern Lanterns

Modern lanterns can be a little expensive, which is the reason why you should get some when you have a west elm UAE promo code. Lanterns are a great way to add a touch of classic with a bucketful of modernity to your room décor.

Lanterns have the tendency to look magical and almost mythical. This is why they look so good on the living room shelves or over the fireplace. Plus, they are perfectly safe and make it much easier for you to light your candles without having to worry about the fire spreading.

You will love the soft glow from the candles. Also, you can play with the height and make a nice cluster of tall and short lanterns if you want.

Play with Colors and Textures

Your candle décor will become much more interesting and enjoyable when you play with colors and textures. You can add in a spark of color with different colored and designed holders.

These are purchased with a west elm UAE promo code or you can do it with candles as well. You can do this by simply adding a small tray to your center table or your corner table.

Add in some pebbles, and pub some short stubby candle holders with candles on them. This is a modern yet very chic way to add candles to your home décor. This does not make them look out of place.

Get Some Votive Holders for That Expensive Look

When you think about votive candle holders, you think of winters and expensive things. You can easily manage the expensive bit with the west elm UAE promo code.

Once you have the votive holders in your hands you can arrange them to make the room look cozy and sharp at the same time. You can easily find silver or different colored votive holders. These colors will break the ice and make your room look warm.

Get Some Platform Candle Holders While You Are at It

Platform candle holders are a great way to add in some rustic feeling to your home décor. While also giving it a modern look at the same time.

They are dramatic, they are a little over the top at times. They are perfect if you want to add some warmth to the room without making it flashy. The platform candle holders look perfect with a vase of flowers and a couple of pictures on a side table.

The best thing about these platform candle holders is that they are available in a variety of styles. They are not expensive when you use the west elm UAE promo code.

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