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5 Netflix Upcoming Movies That You Must Watch

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Netflix Upcoming Movies

Trying to find some interesting movies to watch because you have a long weekend is sometimes a challenging tasking. Getting a movie as adventurous as you want it to be is a tough thing to do. When you want to watch a movie, you have an entire Netflix list of movies in front of you. You can get the idea of Netflix’s upcoming movies. You can watch according to your Google search’s suggestion but you have to select the one according to your mood. Due to your friend’s request because your companion’s opinion matters a lot. As you can’t enjoy without him/her while watching a movie and enjoying popcorns

You spend many hours browsing and searching for a good movie. When finally, you hit the one, you already feel tired because of these hours’ browsing. If you are going through the same situation, don’t worry at all. Keeping different moods and interests in various genres of movies. Here is a long list that you can add to your to-watch list over the weekend. You can have multiple choices of movies on weekly basis. You can save your time and watch the best one immediately. Without spending hours and hours searching for it. To save your time and tell you about something fascinating to watch. let’s talk about some interesting Netflix upcoming movies. You can watch these movies and enjoy them with your friends.

The Mitchells vs. the Machines

Many of us are still fond of animated movies. There is still an inner kid there in us. Like our childhood cartoon series, now we are more inclined towards animated movies. You have watched numerus animated movies with your family and enjoyed them a lot. The perfect dialogues, animation and overall display, but The Mitchells vs. the Machines. It is one of its type and undoubtedly one of the best options to watch with your friends and family.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller are the producers of this movie. It is made originally by Pictures Animation. This is the studio behind great movies like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The movie finds a father and daughter who are struggling to connect. The father decides to take a road trip for sending her daughter off to her college where she is studying filmmaking. Apocalypse occurs and forces them for working together. This movie has a lot of surprises for the audience at every turn. It has emotional touches as well as colorful artistic scenes.    

Crimson Peak:

If you are looking for Netflix upcoming movies that have adventure and fascinating essence in them, you should watch Crimson Peak. Crimson Peak is not a horror movie, rather it’s a Gothic romance where ghosts are present for sure. It has sinister effect and the movie is more inspired by Jane Eyre than by The Conjuring, and it makes the movie a great entertainment to have. This movie has set in 1901, the story follows an aspiring writer.

The writer meets a handsome English gentleman and they fall in love. Both of them get married quickly and she moves to a remote area of England with his husband and his unfriendly sister. The place where they go is actually full of ghosts. The movie has twists of haunting and romantic ghost story. It’s surely a fun to watch this interesting and thrilling movie with your friends.

Things Heard and Seen:

Among best Netflix upcoming movies, Things Heard and Seen is one good option to opt as recommended by an assignment help firm . Taking the essence of this haunting portrait from Elizabeth Brundage’s sinister novel All Things Cease to Appear. The movie revolved around a house that is cursed and had and unsolved murder in it. It shows a couple; Amanda Seyfried and James Norton. The couple moves from Manhattan to a place that is in Hudson Valley.

This place is actually a historic town. They start spending their lives there but some puzzles disturb them slowly when they live at that place where old incident has some memories. They face the situation like a puzzle that raises so many questions and gradually the pieces of the puzzle start fitting together. This movie is surely a great addition in the list of those who are fond of watching thriller and adventurous scenario.

Army of the Dead:

Are you looking for some exciting entertainment to watch over the weekend? If you want to see one of the good options of interesting and thrilling Netflix upcoming movies, then Army of the Dead is surely a must watch. This movie is especially interesting for those who love to see horror and zombie effects.

Creator of Dawn of the Dead has made Army of the dead. This action movie that is about a Zombie flick showed the trailer. It is a minute-long trailer. This is something attention-capturing for those who love to watch thrilling and action movies. This movie shows the chaos that happens during the Zombies’ appearance and when the situation becomes more adventurous. We are definitely looking forward to this amazing movie that will win the heart of the audience.

Stranger Things 4:

Stranger Things 4 is a science fiction that has its previous seasons as well. Although it’s such an interesting movie with full of thrill and action, still many of us don’t know about its previous parts. Stranger Things 4 is one of the best Netflix upcoming movies in this season. It has a mysterious trailer that focuses on the other “gifted” children who is living in the research lab.  We hope more monsters and mysterious things in this new release.

These are a few options for watching Netflix upcoming movies that you can have in your bucket list for the next time when your friends come and you plan to watch a movie with a lot of popcorns and nachos in your hands to enjoy your weekend in a perfect manner.

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