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What is Fortinet certification?

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Fortinet certification

Fortinet is pleased to announce that its Fortinet Internet Security (NSE) certification program has been named the “Professional Certification Program of the Year” in Cyber Security 2019. Crime Award program in the world today.

“The combination of Fortinet’s comprehensive plan, global reach, and software philosophy has led to an online education program that overcomes traditional commercial certification programs that focus on vendor-specific solutions,” said James Johnson, executive director, Security Violations of Cyber Security. “Fortinet has created a program that really focuses on narrowing the gap between online proficiency, more than 230,000 certificates have been awarded to individuals in more than 200 countries, and we are pleased to honor employers and the 2019 Cyber ​​Crime Award. Professional Skills Program . For a year. “

Purpose of NSE certification:

The Fortinet Network Security (NSE) certification expert program closes the gap in network security capabilities from a broader perspective than traditional training and certification programs. Access levels that did not exist prior to the program include a level 8 approach that focuses on different science and skills at each level.

The lower level (NSE 1 – 3) assesses knowledge and understanding of various solutions common to the threat landscape and industry. These initial levels of NSE will appeal to anyone who wants to better understand the principles of cybersecurity. Protect themselves online, academic institutions. That seek to provide assessment tools to students. Who are entering cybersecurity evaluation programs, and organizations seeking tools to implement them.

Aims of cybersecurity program:

Cybersecurity awareness program for its employees. Intermediate levels of the program (NSE 4 – 6) are more traditional certification levels aimed at technical audiences. the ability to install, configure, and troubleshoot individual Fortinet problems. The higher levels of the program (NSE 7-8) focus on the skills and knowledge needed by engineers and architects to design complete cybersecurity solutions using a combination of Fortinet and other products, as well as to apply these solutions in complex networks environments.

The purpose of the Cyber ​​Security Electronic Preservation Award is to honor excellence and recognize security, security, hard work. Success in many areas of information security, including cloud security, risk authentication, risk management, fraud protection, security mobile, e-commerce. Mail security, and more. This year’s program attracts more than 3,500 candidates from more than 15 countries around the world.

Fortinet certification is introduced for the information security awareness ,training service and safety courses.

Fortinet responded by opening its full Institute of Network Security Specialist. Training (NSE) catalog of free self-contained courses in April 2020. There have been more than 800,000 enrollments since these courses opened. to the public, he says. the association.

Fortinet has also introduced an information security awareness and training service. The service receives NSE level 1 training and packages with a library of outreach funding and management tools. The service provides organizations with a low-barrier, cost-free solution to launch an enterprise-wide cybersecurity awareness program for all employees.

Courses included in Fortinet certification:

Today, the company provides access to over 30 free safety courses. The courses focus on topics ranging from secure SD-WAN to operational technology (OT) security and cloud security. We expect to add more during this year. In addition, pre-recorded lab demonstrations by cybersecurity experts are available for viewing on-demand.

Most free courses belong to the official Fortinet NSE certification program. According to the company, the Fortinet certification program is an eight-level. A program that has issued more than half a million certificates.

Fortinet has also partnered with Security Training Organization (ISC) 2. Which allows individuals to use their free training, as well as any NSE training course. Obtain continuing vocational training (CPE) credits by CISSP et al. (ISC) 2. designations. Students receive points for each hour of training at the NES Training Institute. Therefore, students participate in Fortnite under the terms of the agreement.

Rob Rashotte, director of international training and further development at Fortinet Field, said: “Over 800,000 people will receive free services.

““As such, we commit to continue providing a complete training catalog for free of charge Internet security professionals. Until we discover that the trend in the knowledge gap has changed. We will continue to provide this industry with a separate pipeline. Similar to that made up of security professionals, ”he added.

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