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Impact of social media on Mental Health

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social media on Mental Health

Technology is advantageous. It helps people communicate, share information, access latest news and connect with new people from across the globe. However, there are few drawbacks, particularly for young adults, who are being raised in the age of screens.

Social media usage has been associated with anxiety, depression and loneliness. Recent studies cited in “The Child Mind Institute” and “The National Center for Health Research” have found that people who regularly engage in social media are generally depressed and feel less content with their lives than those who devote more time to screen-free activities. Best psychiatrist near me  in your area is available to help you to overcome the problem of internet and mobile addiction.

Find out how social media can adversely affect your mental health and how you or someone you know, can make use of it in a healthier way

social media is Addictive

Apps and websites on social media provide the same effect on the brain that one gets from playing a slot machine game. Since you are not aware of the content that you encounter until you launch an app, impulsive results can trigger a sense of “reward” through the release of dopamine. Dopamine is the same chemical that is linked to pleasure activities, such as food and sex. Addiction to such activities might create psychological distress, affecting you and your loved ones in a negative way. Reaching out for help can be very effective in this case. You can definitely seek out online counselling From Best Psychiatrist near you.

The focus is only on your interactions

There is a risk of trouble if you put too much emphasis on the interaction you get (or do not) on the content you share on social media. For example, if you upload a photo hoping to receive positive and appreciative comments or likes, but aren’t able to get the expected responses, you might feel deflated or unworthy.

It is possible for you to feel disappointed when you compare your work with those of other users. This could lead to a feeling of self-doubt, aversion to important things, or feelings of depression and anxiety.

Filters are Fun…But they are also fake

Filters are a great example of how social networks can prove positive as well as negative. Filters are funny and enable you to customize your appearances. However, the ability to quickly whiten teeth, airbrush body parts, as well as cover imperfections could create false impressions in front of others.

Even if you’re aware that the content is carefully chosen, the sight of other user’s photos, reels with stunning images, can make you feel insecure when you are not able to match their standards. Take a look at filters to understand what they are: a fun way to help you look more unique on the internet or a way to create your imposter.

Feelings of not being able to be there

The fear of missing out, or FOMO is another reason that makes scrolling through other user’s social media posts attractive. If you and your classmates are active on social networks, you might be concerned about missing their important messages, jokes, or any other information which connects you to your fellow classmates. This continuous scrolling and checking the screen can be detrimental to your studies and schoolwork. The distraction could lead to delay or impaired memory retention causing high levels of anxiety. Feelings of isolation, loneliness or even anxiety might also arise when you look at photos of people having an enjoyable time without you.

A whole world of digital information accessible to you can make it difficult to get out and enjoy genuine social connections and real-time interactions. Make time to meet people in person as often as you can, rather than sitting in front of a screen and scrolling through other’s social media accounts.

How to stop unhealthy social media Habits

A University of Pennsylvania study suggests that by limiting social network usages on a regular basis could reduce depression and loneliness. Although it’s unlikely that you or anyone you know will stop using social media completely (after all there are definitely positive aspects) but it’s essential to be aware of your own habits and identify the warning signs:

  • Feeling more anxious, depressed or lonely;
  • More time spent on social media, rather than with family and friends;
  • Feeling like you are comparing yourself to others or feeling constantly the need to be recognized;
  • Being cyberbullied or trolled on the internet;
  • Engaging in risky behavior or taking outrageous pictures to earn followers and likes;
  • Decline in your schoolwork and Conflict in your relationships;

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If you’re having any warning symptoms, try to cut down on your time on social media. This could be as simple as setting time limits for your screen or time limits for specific applications on your phone. Set aside specific hours to check your social media account. Many users find a periodic break or “detox” from social media accounts, allowing oneself to focus on their own mental wellbeing and their relationships. You can also visit to Best psychiatrist near you which provides you online counselling to release down the mental health stress

Other factors that could assist you in putting social media off?

  • Make a small gathering;
  • Make time to go outside and work out;
  • Find a location to volunteer;
  • Enjoy a few moments of face-to-face conversation with a close friend;

In the event that you, or someone you know is struggling with getting away from harmful social media habits, or continues to experience feelings of anxiety or depression, make an appointment to your physician or a campus health center expert. They’ll screen you for anxiety and depression and then recommend a treatment plan or course of action appropriate for you.

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