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Monetize Your Game Apps with Rewarded Surveys

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Monetize Your Game Apps with Rewarded Surveys

In order to access premium content, such as coins or credits, gamers must choose to participate in surveys that are paid for their time. Rewarded surveys are short market research questions that have been updated and designed for game apps.

The gold standard for gathering market data of any kind is market research surveys. The objective is to gather information from a small sample of a market to estimate what the entire market will want.

Many businesses can benefit from using rewarded surveys to better understand the behaviors, preferences, and opinions of their clients, obtain product feedback, measure brand recognition, and acquire consumer insights.

Rewarded surveys assist game creators in monetizing their games to boost income, encourage engagement, and maintain player interest. This is done by establishing a clear value exchange.

A delivery method that requires opt-in enhances both survey to respondent matching and the delivery experience.

In order to create an additional revenue stream to the gaming apps, rewarded surveys might be a high converting solution for any game producers.

It can be beneficial for the game creator for a number of reasons to reward players for performing chores. It’s a terrific approach to monetize mobile app users who don’t pay, who account for the vast majority of users, and to entice them to keep using the parent app.

Monetize Your Game Apps with Rapidoreach:

For all game producers, Rapidoreach Rewarded Surveys can be an extra, passive source of income.

Rapidoreach uses a CPA Model (Cost per Action), which offers game developers a strong incentive: surveys pay up to 20 times more than standard ad formats and 5 times more than paid videos.

Rewarded surveys are becoming more and more popular among users as an ad format. Recent research from Rapidoreach asked thousands of American users of mobile apps why they prefer surveys to traditional advertising. The findings showed a number of intriguing things.

There are seven reasons why you should switch to rewarded surveys right now:

  1. Interactive/Fun:

Rewarded surveys, a form of interactive monetization, require user interaction. This approach encourages participation and is, after all, enjoyable! Users only need to watch or “appear to watch” incentive-based films all the way through.

  1. User-centric/Personal:

When survey results are gathered, they are given to marketers and companies that want to understand their customers better and create new or improved products and services.
Users are drawn to the idea of contributing and having their voice heard based on one of the replies.

  1. Non-Repetitive/Unpredictable

There are times when being impulsive is advantageous. The topic of the survey is not revealed to game players beforehand, and when it has been completed, the same survey is not sent to them again!

  1. Highly Rewarding

Rewards-based videos pay out more than conventional ad formats, but rewards-based surveys pay out even more, making them the best option in terms of payout for both gamers and game creators.

  1. Faster and easier

We spend much too much time watching commercials. And it takes less time to do paid surveys.
For gamers, completing a survey and earning a reward is much more convenient and time-efficient than watching films.

  1. Full opt-in control

Gamers’ consent and control are crucial, and by offering non-intrusive, opt-in control, incentivized surveys are paving the way for consumers.
This is a less intrusive experience because players are given a clear leave button and have the option to start or finish their survey at any time. Thus, the critical equilibrium between planned engagement and user experience is correctly maintained.

  1. No more ads!

The gaming community as a whole agrees that the market needs a different ad model, one that is less intrusive, more participatory, and specifically designed for the user. Rewarded surveys come into play in this situation.
With alluring experiences and rising ROI, paid surveys are growing in popularity every day.

Please visit https://www.rapidoreach.com/app-monetization-with-surveys to learn more about Rapidoreach and how Rewarded Surveys can create a new revenue stream for your game and app development. You can also get in touch with the Integration team directly at developers@rapidoreach.com.


When implemented appropriately, rewarded surveys for game creators can work well with the current monetization system, introduce freemium players, pay more, and increase retention and conversion.

Keep in mind that with your game app, players will always choose the simpler, more engaging, and more profitable option. This choice is encouraged by rewarded surveys!


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