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What is Link Wheel or Backlinking, and how to avoid Anti-SEO?

by ideaschedule
Link Wheel

You have heard this phrase many times in our industry. what is not to discuss in forums or SEO blogs. Everyone has their own strategy. The strategy of how he achieved success thanks to the trial and error method in his SEO work is generally not appropriate to explain. In our article, I will give some information about link building.

Creating a link chain is usually done towards the search engine. Because users will not be able to see it, however, it can be found due to detailed examination. One of the common mistakes when creating links is the backlinks given directly to the relevant article or the site’s home page. It is thought that by diversifying these backlinks, SEO is done and correct. It is not true to say that it is actually completely wrong.

However, doing better quality work will allow you to bring your site to better places. Here, it will be useful to focus a little on user actions. For example, A phone number in the upper right corner of a site is more memorable in the studies of England. We can increase such examples. Why do you think that sites where you can register usually log in place in the upper right corner?

People who provide SEO packages for small businesses usually have many front websites. They use it to get backlinks. I have given information about these backlink sources in our article.

As is known, Social channels are the most valuable link resources. I think there is nobody who does not know the effect recently. However, it is not as easy for people to refer to your site as it might seem. However, it is up to you to make this a little useful with your own resources. It is very beneficial for you to spread your article on social media and promote it in quality. With the link you give to the event you share here from one of your blogs, we actually create a chain on your site.

On the other hand, let’s say you have 5 sites that you use as a source. You share a nice article on-site number 1. You link out to block no.1 from your other 2-3-4 and 5 sites. After the caching period, when you log out from blog number 1 to your real main site, the effect level will be more valuable and stronger than a normal backlink. I think we understood the logic of link wheel generation.

The quality levels of the resources you own are the most important rule of the chain. The link from your best site to the main site you are working on will be very valuable. Here you need to analyze and apply the quality according to your user expectations. Here, it is up to you to gradually enlarge the structure. However, which one of the chains should link to which one, you should make good documentation. Otherwise, you may come across mutual link conflicts.

What are the types of backlinks and which ones to use

The Factor That Increases The Quality Score Backlink

Backlink, which is a factor that increases the quality scoring of websites, has more than one type and we can obtain it in different types from many websites in line with the purpose of the relevant site to study.

Nowadays, the process that has the biggest share in search engine optimization studies is getting backlinks. These backlinks for SEO can be divided into 5 groups. First of all, backlinks from domains with extensions such as com, net, edu, gov have a greater effect on the SEO than the backlinks taken from blog sites with Blogspot or WordPress extensions. These are the posts on social media sites and are gaining importance in Google’s eyes day by day.

Dofollowing Feature of Links

Forum backlink is; It is the backlink in the signature area of ​​the forum sites. Usually, many webmasters try to get backlinks by trying to use all forums. Video backlink is; It was popular before, but it is not worth much anymore. video channels such as Vimeo and watch receive the backlinks. The links must follow when receiving backlinks. Otherwise, it won’t matter to SEO. In addition, be careful to get in-article backlinks while buying backlinks. Because a visitor comes to the site to read the related topic. For this reason, they choose the link strategy and they use the best method for the purpose.

Fight Against Anti Seo

One of the issues that many people in the SEO industry suffer from is the anti-SEO applications made on their sites. you should actually be happy, If you are victimized by anti SEO applications, this is an indication that you are doing your job properly. Since the people who do these studies cannot pass you in the rankings with natural SEO methods, they aim to increase the rankings by lowering you. This shows that you are better than them.

One of the methods used by those who make these studies is to direct backlinks to your site with programs. In this way, after a while, Google alerts you for unnatural links and google will send you to invisible places. Of course, this method is just one of the anti- SEO applications. There are many methods such as this, another method is to organize botnet attacks on your site, to close your site, and to lose your ranking after a while. Of course, all use this method most commonly. Apart from these, this list extends. It depends on the imagination of the person.

How Can I Fight Against Anti Seo?

Here it would be best if you determined a strategy according to the anti-seo attack on your site. If you want to make your site accessible with ddos ​​attacks, what you need to do is simple, switch to a more powerful server. The most used anti-SEO attack is backlink attacks. Here you have to use the Google Disavow Tool. Here I explained in detail how to use this tool. You can learn about how to use the tool by reviewing the article. You can reject incoming links using the Disavow tool.

How to Detect Incoming Backlinks?

There are many link analysis tools in the market so that you can see the backlinks coming to your site. Among these, the most used are ahrefs, open link explorer, which is the service of seomoz, and google webmaster admin tools. The tool I use is ahrefs, of course, it is most logical to use other link analysis tools to compare and make a disavow list accordingly.

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