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SpaceX SN10 rocket takes off, lands properly, explodes moments later

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SpaceX SN10 rocket

An unmanned SpaceX’s Starship almost aced the touchdown on Wednesday. It exploded on the landing pad with an impeccable force, which made it hurled into the air. The entire scenario came in light with a SpaceX video.

This failure took place just a few minutes after SpaceX made its declaration regarding its success. Two of the previous test flights opted for a crash landing in fireballs. SpaceX threw the rocket in the air, and it crashed back into the ground. No immediate comment came up from SpaceX regarding what was wrong with the spaceship. Elon Musk is positive enough to look on the brighter side of this incident. His tweet says, “Starship 10 landed in one piece! RIP SN10, honorable discharge.”

Musk also added that the SpaceX team had done great work. One day the true measurement of success is going to be that Starship flights are commonplace. He is planning for Starships to send people towards Moon and Mars. With this goal in mind, SpaceX founder Elon Musk, who is the head of Tesla, is into developing the next-generation Starship rocket, which is going to go to Mars in an unmanned manner.

The previous two prototypes, SN8 and SN9, managed to reach the ultimate altitude in December and February. But it also faced slamming against the ground at Boca Chica, Texas, and finally exploded. Each of the last three test flights only lasted for 61/2 minutes.

It is seen on the SpaceX video, which is a full-scale prototype of Elon Musk. Envisioned a Mars ship that has soared more than 6 miles after lifting from the southern tip of Texas on the previous Wednesday. It started descending horizontally over the Gulf of Mexico, and then it suddenly flipped upright just moments before landing.

With a shiny texture, the bullet-shaped Rocketship was remaining intact during the time of touchdown. This prompted SpaceX commentator, John Insprucker, to declare that “third time’s a charm as the saying goes” prior to the ending of SpaceX’s webcast of the test. Inspuker also relieved that the company is already having several other prototypes in production. The next test flight, SN11, is going to be tested “in the near future.”

The Starship exploded, and after breaking, it was simply tossed in the air. Then, it simply slammed down against the ground and caught into flames. A SpaceX commentator said, “A beautiful soft landing” on a live broadcast during the test flight. However, as flames came out from the bottom, crews continuously tried to put the flames out.

This latest prototype, named SN10, which stands for serial number 10, just managed to take off a little before 11.20 GMT from Boca Chica, Texas. The area is quite vast and empty enough to meet any accident or explosion that can potentially cause damage or fatality. Now, the wait is all about looking forward to SN11 to see if it succeeds or not.
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