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Some Hair Essentials For Bald Men

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Head Shaver for Men

Many people consider that a bald head requires no designated grooming sessions. But ask a bald man and he will answer about the nuances required to ace the bald appearance. A bald head in contemporary times is a prominent hairstyle, and most men awaiting impending baldness are embracing it. A shaved head may appear simple and easy to maintain but it too requires some amount of precision and patience to gracefully maintain it. From  Head Shaver to after-shave serums, there are a variety of products available to style a shaved head.

There are many hair grooming tools available in the market, however, when head shaving is concerned the need was for a dedicated head shaving tool. And this particular demand saw the emergence of Head Shaver for Men that are dedicated to head shaving. The bald head shaver was introduced as a solution to shaving off the manes and getting a smooth and clean dome. However, using a shaver and shaving off the manes is not all about a bald head.

If you are someone who dons a shaved head, then you must know that it is essential to regularly groom the dome to maintain the look and create a style game for oneself. Whether you have shaved off the hairs to hide male-patterned baldness or are opting for a shaved head for style, you must concentrate on the grooming needs. Some essential products help in achieving a shaved look better.

Pre-shave oil:

Pre-shave oils help in achieving a smooth finish and come with several benefits. Using pre-shave oil before shaving the head can help in reducing the risk of ingrown hairs, eliminates the chances of razor burns, redness, and itching, prevents nicks and cuts, hydrates the skin, and offers a natural shaving solution. Natural pre-shave oils help to avoid the use of harmful chemicals that are harsh on the skin.

After-shave serum:

Aftershave solutions are around for quite a long time. The use of after-shave serum after shaving is common for men but did you know that after-shave solutions are also important in head shaving? Well, yes. The use of after-shave serum help in closing the pores to prevent bacteria or dirt from getting in and helps to heal cuts from shaving, if any. It also prevents hair follicle inflammation by protecting open pores with a layer of liquid. It adds a pleasant smell to the skin and reduces itching and swelling from shaving.

The after-shave serums usually contain ingredients like isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol that kill bacteria or toxins present on the skin. However, there are some natural after-shave variants like jojoba oil or coconut oil that apart from sanitising the skin also moisturize it.


One of the biggest concerns of a bald head is dryness. Most men with a bald head experience parched and dehydrated skin and so it is of utmost importance that a shaved head must be regularly hydrated and moisturized. You can use any of the available facial moisturizers for the skin of your head for moisturization. Also, oil your head at regular intervals to keep the skin hydrated and healthy. In a shaved head, the dome is exposed and on display, so proper grooming and maintenance of the dome are important. Parched skin of the head will result in dandruff and would look unpleasant.


If you have shaved your head, then sunscreens are your best friend. A bald head is directly exposed to the sun and pollution without the protective layer of the hair and so investing in a sunscreen with a significant SPF level can be beneficial. Make sure you apply your sunscreen whenever you are heading outdoors to avoid sunburns and tans.


Head Shaver for Men is the most essential tool for head shaving, these tools are designated to shave the hair efficiently. The head shavers are a safer, time-saving, and convenient alternative to the traditional razors. They are designed with rotary blades or foil heads and work towards providing a safe and smooth head shaving experience. These shavers are ergonomically designed to suit the requirement of head shaving.

In addition, you can add some head accessories to the wardrobe that could both add to the style statement and also work as protective gear for the bald head. Adding caps and hats to the regular garment accessories can be a styling quotient and also help in protecting the shaved dome from the harsh sunlight and pollution outdoors. When you don a shaved head, your head skin is on display so regular shaving and the use of some matte finish moisturizers can help in displaying a smooth and attractive dome.

Final Word

These essentials are a must to maintain a proper shaved head regime. Religiously following the steps of head shaving and utilizing the mentioned products can help you in keeping up your style game. Most importantly, invest in a good  Head Shaver with good reviews for better results and to attain a smooth shaved head. If you are opting for a shaved head make sure you invest in these products apart from the shaving tool for a perfect and healthy bald dome.

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