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A basic Guide For SEO

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Baidu is China’s main search engine. If you want to do successful SEO in China. You must have a complete understanding of how to Improve huge search engines.

However, if you use Google’s Improvement method to optimize Baidu. Your website should not be able to list on the first page of Baidu’s search results. Baidu SEO has its unique features and challenges. Such as difficult language issues, cultural differences, user behavior, legal factors, Licensing, and technical Thoughts.

You can find Google Improving guidelines everywhere on the Internet. But resources on Baidu SEO are relatively poor (whether in English or Chinese). Most of the existing Baidu Improvement guides are Nearly one-sided and only cover some basic knowledge. Because of this, we have created this most complete and Easy. Baidu SEO guide to share with the world our Skill Collection over. The years when creating SEO tools around the world and in Asia.

The large and complete guide contains all the secrets of Baidu SEO. It provides you with various explanations. Allows your website to be on the Baidu search homepage, and understands the Difficult concepts of Chinese search engine Improvement.

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Let us first introduce the difference between Baidu SEO Introduction and Google SEO.

Introduction to China’s Search Engine Market

Although Google is the main search engine in many countries, Google only has 2.3% of the market share in China. Google is blocked by the Great Firewall of China. But in fact, before this Google never Took an important position in the Chinese search engine market. Local search engines in China have always Controlled the Whole Chinese market.

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China’s search engine market share in 2017

Baidu is the Accurate leader in China, with a market share of 68.5%. Followed by 360 searches, with a market share of 14.2%. The third place is Should be supported by Tencent, with a market share of 12.4%. Only the Shena (owned by Alibaba) mobile search engine is growing Fastly with a market share of 1.6%. It has a Large Control on mobile search. Other search engines such as Youdao, Bing, and Yahoo have a total market share of 0.9%.

Baidu search engine results page (SERP)

In the beginning, the similarities between Google and Baidu were Clear. Over the years, Baidu has added many unique elements and features to its search engine results page (SERP). In the search engine results page below. You can see how Baidu use different types of rich summary. This information improves the experience of the user. Before understanding the difference between Google and Baidu search engine result pages. We can first look at how the two affect each other’s search engine results page (SERP) structure.

Differences between Baidu and Google algorithms

The simplest way to understand the difference between the two is that Baidu’s algorithm follows most of the theoretical principles of Google. But the Real practice time is a bit slower. You can think of Baidu’s algorithm as Google’s version 5 years ago.

Here are some examples:

Google’s Panda algorithm was launched in 2011 to Fight low-quality content. After 2 years, Baidu released the pomegranate algorithm. It was also used for the same purpose.

Google’s Penguin algorithm was released in 2012 to combat link spam. About a year later, Baidu launched the Luluo algorithm to do the same thing.

Understanding the differences between the two in a simpler way is just the Starting. There are many differences between Baidu and Google. The following is a summary of the differences between the two based on our Large and extensive research:


Baidu is the first Chinese search engine, and its algorithm is obviously Influenced by the Chinese. Whether it is server location, content-language, top-level domain (.cn), business address, backlinks, mentions, or Honor. If it is from China or Simplified Chinese, it will be better for Baidu SEO.

Baidu’s crawling and Arranging of non-Chinese websites are also not stable. It may crawl slower, less frequently, and not crawl so deeply, or even not crawl at all. Similarly, it is very difficult for a non-Chinese website to get a rank in Chinese queries.

As for why it does this, Baidu Surely has its reasons, and the biggest reason is the user experience. Most of Baidu’s users are residents of mainland China. Of course, they are most interested in local content in simplified Chinese.

On the other hand, it’s difficult to rank the foreign websites that are not locally hosted in china. Because the Great Firewall of China affected the foreign websites in terms of speed and Strength. Like Google, Baidu also focuses on website loading speed and stability. Locally hosted websites are more likely to gain the upper hand.

Language processing

Because it only focuses on one language, Baidu has a Great advantage over Google in parsing and understanding Chinese content. It processes Chinese queries more Properly than other search engines.

Identify duplicate content

According to our experience, Baidu’s tolerance for duplicate content is much lower. If Baidu Punishes the website for duplicate content, it may take longer to rebuild the lost ranking. However, duplicate content is still a big problem for Baidu. Because content crawling is still a very common Plan for Chinese SEO.

Understand JavaScript and AJAX

In recent years, Google has made Real progress in crawling JavaScript and AJAX content. But Baidu is still not making much progress. Generally speaking, if you want to get a better ranking on Baidu. It is best to avoid using these elements in the main content area of ​​your website.

Crawl frequency

Baidu’s spiders usually crawl Chinese websites more frequently than Google. Although the crawling Regularly depends on your website’s Power and update frequency. You can actually use Baidu webmaster to adjust Baidu’s crawling speed of the website. For details, please refer to our Baidu webmaster guide.

Backlink quality

Baidu believes that the value of backlinks from Chinese websites far Better than that of foreign websites. When Starting a link for a website, you should take backlinks from a Chinese-based website (host in China, using simplified Chinese and simplified Chinese anchor text).

Baidu is still far behind Google when it comes to testing the quality of links. Google is already very good at spotting spam links, but Baidu is still At the risk of the old-style spam link strategy. Because these black hat Plans are still Successful. Chinese SEO uses these Plans.

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