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5 Best Practices for Speedy Recovery after Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can be life changing. You get more comfortable with your body, feel more confident and self-assured. Be it to increase your breast size, reducing your breast volume, or enhanced the shape, breast augmentation can do it all.

But as this is a plastic surgery process with incision, you might take time to get up and get moving.

Any good surgeon for breast augmentation in Montreal (augmentation mammaire Montreal) will provide you with directions to follow after you undergo a breast augmentation.

Here, we have rounded up some tips to help you recover speedily after you undergo a breast augmentation surgery.

Avoid Underwire Bras

Wearing uncomfortable clothing is something you should avoid following breast augmentation. We specially recommend not wearing underwire bras. Your breasts will be swollen and tender, and underwire bras will not only be uncomfortable, but it can also irritate your skin and may inflame your incisions. The friction between the wires and your sutures can add to the pain and cause unnecessary delay in your recovery.

Instead, opt for sports bras or other supportive bras that feel comfortable and doesn’t irritate you sutures. If possible, wait for at least 10 months before switching to underwire bras.

Do not submerge in Water

Be it a swimming pool or a bathtub, make sure you don’t submerge completely. Keep your head and breasts above water until your wounds are fully closed. We recommend doing this because bath or swimming pool can introduce bacteria into your skin while you are still healing and cause unnecessary complications thereby impeding the healing process.

Owing to the sutures, your chest muscles will remain soared and instead of a bath in swimming pools or bathtubs, a warm shower might be more beneficial. It reduces the chances of infection while at the same time, relax your chest muscles.

Avoid Smoking and Drinking

It is advised to not smoke and drink before the surgery to make sure your body remains in optimal health before undergoing anesthesia. We recommend you continue to avoid smoking and drinking after the surgery as well, until you recover fully.

When you smoke, it inhibits oxygen-rich blood to reach the incisions and due to that healing is hampered. Consuming alcohol can dehydrate your body and expose you to infections along with increasing the risk of bleeding.

Sleep on Your Back

Following a breast augmentation surgery, it’s advised to sleep on your back. You must particularly follow this tip if you have had implant surgery to enlarge your breasts. Avoid sleeping on your stomach or side which can cause your implants to shift or droop. Your breasts and nipples will be extremely tender and sleeping on your stomach or sides might not be very comfortable as well. Sleeping on your back is recommended because that way your incisions will remain free from irritation and your healing will be promoted.

Avoid Strenuous Upper Body Exercises

It’s advised to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous upper body exercises for the first six weeks following a breast augmentation surgery. Avoid picking anything above 20 pounds including children.

Heavy lifting increases the risk of bleeding and forming hematomas which are blood vessels that leak into the breast tissues.

Also, check your blood pressure and try to maintain a pressure below 100 which helps in speedy recovery.

These are the tips you must follow for a speedy recovery from a breast augmentation surgery. Any good treatment for breast augmentation in Montreal will provide you with dos and don’ts after a breast augmentation surgery. But there’s no harm in learning beforehand. So, along with what the doctors prescribe you, follow the above tips that will surely help you manage the pain and recover fast from the after effects of a breast augmentation surgery.

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