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The Being and Doing of the Finance Educational Organization

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Finance Educational Organization


The purpose of this work is to establish nature. The purpose of Finance educational organization is based on the anthropological approach. It is organization and education, to contribute to the conceptualized reflection. Know about the educational organization. The moment in which we live requires serious reflection, an effort to deepen the concepts, and not to infect the firm decision. uncritically, by fashions.

Interest in the subject arises from reflection. The result of professional training acquired experience and practice. It happens as a director of Finance educational institutions.

Analysis of situations as research teacher :

• In recent years, the idea has become widespread that Finance educational organizations should function as companies. The directors have an entrepreneurial profile so that they are competitive, productive, effective, efficient, and manage to survive.

• Today’s educational organizations, universities, and colleges are becoming more interested in being companies and are neglecting or forgetting the Finance educational purpose, their specific function.

• There is interest more focused on the economics tuition benefit and on promoting strategies to achieve this purpose in the short term, than on the person and in the long-term objectives; Former got primacy. It is displacing and losing interest in the latter.

• It seems that ethics hindered efficiency and that only instrumental rationality and technique were sufficient for good management. In the design and implementation of executive training programs. There is a marked trend towards the development of technical and socio-political skills. Humanistic training has not godded much relevance. It contributes to ethical management and the training of virtue.

• Most of the applications implemented in the finance educational organization come from the business organization and have been carried out more from theoretical and technical reasoning than from practical reasoning.

•They have tendency to evaluate school and university management based on business excellence criteria.

• Educational institutions are becoming more interested in producing than in training, which undermines their finance educational nature by directing their work solely by results. The trend towards social recognition and accreditation of educational institutions focused on the tangible. On the objectifiable (poises), is marking an exclusive orientation towards external results. It neglects the internal or intangible results (praxis).

•  There is a permanent tension in educational institutions between the pedagogical and the administrative, the ideology and survival, training and returns, the market and the academy.

Given these facts, some questions arise:

Is a finance educational organization the same as a business organization? Are the educational purpose and the business purpose the same?; What is common and what is different in these two types of organizations?; Is it necessary for the educational organization to function as a company to be successful? Are economic benefits the purpose that characterizes the company and what guarantees its survival?; Is it convenient for the finance educational institution to continue extrapolating business management models. Therefore to assess the quality and to fulfill its educational purpose?

Why are educational institutions more concerned with seeking models. However, That allows them to be productive and self-sufficient. Then with seeking models that ensure the success of their mission to educate?; Is it possible to harmonize the pedagogical (ideology) and the administrative (benefits and returns) in finance educational institutions? They should address the approaches as these are interesting points. We will try to clarify some of them throughout this study.

The Knowledge of Organizational Theories

And models have allowed me to come into contact with the anthropological method. They must understand that many of the characteristics. For which it is attractive for educational institutions to be a company. Corresponding to technical and psych sociological approaches. The same company must overcome. Therefore, the tendency can point out to identify the purpose of the business organization. Also with the economic benefit. But this is a means; It should be sought by all parties to achieve better results in achieving the purpose. Therefore, it will be seen in the development of this topic, the main benefit of the company is not economic; although it is one of the benefits, it is not the main one.

Thus, The main one is of human benefits is an increase in capacities to generate more wealth. This is also called the social balance. The purpose should not confuse the profit. And this confusion is one of the main reasons. It brings out why the finance educational organization has been equated with the business organization. Although, as we have said, the economic benefit is the characteristic of all organizations. As it is a condition to operate and to maximize the purpose. Thus, I am not the only one.

General Appreciation Of Characteristics Of Business Organizations.

There is a general appreciation. Therefore, This considers that the characteristics of the business plan are those of all types of organization.

According to this, the company should see the educational plan. Since the purpose of the company is to generate economic benefits, ensure productivity and profitability. This perspective distorts not only the business plan. Whose raison d’être is to ensure durability. But also other types of organizations, such as educational ones. At the bottom, there is, in my view, an erroneous interpretation of the means-ends relationship. However, Recognizing the means as such and the organization’s own ends is the key to not distorting it.

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